GO Bag - A Preparation Guide

What is a GO bag?

The GO Bag, also known as grab bag or ready bag, is a portable kit that help individuals / families react during emergencies, such as house fire and blackouts, by allowing families to evacuate or respond quickly, and provide supplies needed while waiting for emergency help. This is achieved by preparing and packing all the needed items into a single bag which individuals / families can grab and evacuate/use, should an emergency happen at home.

It is vital that all families prepare a GO Bag at home because an emergency may strike at any moment. If families are better prepared, they can respond better, thus potentially saving lives and reduce the negative impact and enabling recovery.

GO Bags are designed to be customised based on the context and individual family’s needs. This GO Bag is designed for a small household in Singapore and is intended to provide items for one day. The provided GO Bag is equip with only essential supplies and would require users to read and follow the instructions below to facilitate in customising to fulfill of the need and individual and ready for use.


List of items to be packed in the GO Bag

1) GO Pack 1 - Survival Pack  include - torchlight, whistle, portable radio etc

2) GO Pack 2 - Personal Documents + Stationeries

3) GO Pack 3 - Personal items ie shirt, trousers, towel + toiletries

4) GO Pack 4 - Food/Non Food i.e. fork/spoon, mineral water, energy bars

5) FA (First Aid) Kit or FA+M (First Aid + Medicine) kit comprises of FA Kit + Personal Medicine

6) Water Bottle x 1

7) CPR shield + ID tag

8) Other recommended items (optional)  include multipurpose tool, raincoat, duct tape, rope etc


Final Checks

Description Checkbox
Is your GO Bag portable (not bulky)?  
Is your GO Bag in an accessible place?  
Does everyone in your family know where the Go Bag is?  



Maintenance of the GO Bag

Now that all items are packed, ensure that all perishable items for example: food, water and medications are periodically checked for expiry.


Contact information

For further information, please contact:  Red Cross Youth: admin.rcy@redcross.sg