1. Finance and Investment Committee
Chairman Ms Emily Tan
Members Ms Usha Chandradas 
Mr Satyanarayana Mylavarapu
Mr Mike Hue
Mr Axel Chan
2. Audit Committee
Chairman Prof V Ananatharaman
Members Mrs Tracey Woon
Mr Y C Koh
Dr Saiful Nizam Bin Subari
Mr Allan Yeo
2.1. Risk Management
Chairman Mr Allan Yeo
Members Ms Tan Poh Hong
Mr Steve Lee 
Dr Yap Kwong Weng
Ms Mr Laurance Goh 
3. Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee
Chairman Dr Yap Kwong Weng
Members Mr Rajaram Muralli Raja
Mr Steve Lee
Ms Tan Poh Hong
Mr Ling Khoon Chow
Mrs Susan Chan
4. Human Resources and Compensation Committee
Chairman Ms Agnes Eu
Members Dr Mohd Zaidi Bin Ariffin
Mr Puvan Ariaratnam
Ms Roshini Prakash Nair
Mr Laurence Goh
Mr Loh Oun Hean
5. Fundraising Committee
Chairman Ms Yvonne Loo
Members Ms Terene Seow
Mr Y C Koh
Mr Chew Hai Chwee
Dr Collin Ang
Mr Zhong Guan Bin
Mr Fang Angzhen



1. Committee for Humanitarian Assistance and International Relief
Chairman Mr Dennis Mark
Members Mr Benjamin William
Dr Mohammad Zaidi Bin Ariffin
Mr George Goh
Dr Ganesh Ramalingam
Dr Joy Quah
Ms Eileen Yap
Mr Karunanithi Letchumanan
2. Committee for Humanitarian Technology and Innovation
Chairman Dr Mark Hon
Members Dr Yap Kwong Weng
Mr Muchsin Bin Dahalan
Mr Gowtham Kanagaraj
Mr Gurusamy Isakkipandian
Ms Neetha R
Mr Prateek Kumar Gupta
3. Red Cross Home for the Disabled Management Committee
Chairman Mr Benjamin William
Vice Chairman Ms Roshini Prakash Nair
Members Ms Terene Seow
Mr Muralli Raja Rajaram
Ms Tan Poh Hong
Mr Malcolm Lim
Mr David Ong
Ms Siti Zawiyah
Dr Anton Cheng
Dr Desmond Ooi
4. SRC Information Technology Advisory Panel
Chairman Mr Steve Lee
Members Mr Adrian Kwong
Mr Chen Zheng Wei
Mr Joe Chiu
Mr Neo Boon Kai
Mr Poh Leng Wee
Mr Dave Gurbani
5. SRC Marketing and Communications Advisory Panel
Chairman Mr Goh Chee Kong
Members Mr Jay Soo
Ms Tan Su Yuen
Mr Jeffrey Lim
Ms Dawn Low
Ms Lien Hui Huen
6. SRC Academy Advisory Panel
Chairman Prof V Anantharaman
Members Mr Sahari Bin Ani
Mr Chew Lip Heng
A/Prof Lee Cheng
A/Prof John Wong
Dr Gayathri Nadarajan
Ms Kalai Selvi
Mr Laurence Goh
7. RCY Steering Committee
Chairman Ms Charis Chan – Assistant Secretary General, Operations
Vice Chairman Ms Durga Naidu – Head, Youth Development
Members Ms Tai Wai Peng – Deputy Director, RCY Uniformed Groups
Mr Amos Kow – Deputy Director, Red Cross Junior & Chapters
Ms Daphne Goh – Deputy Director, YM@Districts
Ms Low Yu Ping – Coordinating Assistant Director, Red Cross Junior
Mr Chow Yin – Coordinating Assistant Director, UG Links
Ms Bertha Kwok – Coordinating Assistant Director, UG Cadets
Mr Ong Sin Wee – Coordinating Assistant Director, UG Operations
Mr Edric Phua – Coordinating Assistant Director, Chapters
Ms Regina Jiang – Coordinating Assistant Director, YM@Districts
Mr Anthony Li – Coordinating Assistant Director, Human Capital & Development, HQ-CO
Mr Jeffrey Tan – Coordinating Assistant Director, Safety, Operations & Support, HQ-CO



Mr Ong Kah Kuang Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Ms Elizabeth Tan Ministry of Defence
Mrs Chan-Tey Kah Hwee Ministry of Education
Mr Steven Pang Ministry of Foreign Affairs
COL Ryan Ong Ministry of Home Affairs
Dr Lim Ghee Hian Ministry of Health
Mr Mark Tan (Alternate Member) Ministry of Health



Mr Benjamin William Secretary General / Chief Executive Officer
Ms Eileen Cher Assistant Secretary General, Corporate
Ms Charis Chan Assistant Secretary General, Operations
Mr Prakash Menon Group Director, Blood Donor Programme
Mr Sahari Bin Ani  Group Director & Dean, Singapore Red Cross Academy
Mr Adrian Lim Director, Care Services
Ms Iris Choong Director, Corporate Management
Mr Isaac Tiong Director, Finance Management
Ms Rebekah Lim Associate Director, Global Engagement
Ms Karine Tan Associate Director, Community Engagement
Ms Agnes Ting Head, Blood Donor Programme
Mr Rick Lee Head, Blood Donor Programme
Mr Ambrose Lee Head, Centre for First Aid and Life Support
Ms Carmen Wong Head, Centre for Psychosocial Support
Ms Jaime Ong Head, Marketing & Communications
Mr Johnny Tang Head, Resource Development
Mr July de Leon Head, Volunteer Management
Ms Durga Naidu Muthusamy Head, Youth Development