Recognising Your Efforts

Our blood donors are a diverse bunch and hail from all walks of life. Some have only just started donating blood, while others have done it on hundreds of occasions. Each and every one of them, however, is motivated by a keen desire to save lives.

Every year, we appreciate and celebrate your meaningful contributions at World Blood Donor Day. A collection letter will be sent to all champion donors who have achieved the following donation milestones and a specially engraved medal will be presented at our Champion Blood Donor Recognition Ceremony:

Medallion list

Also, if you have 

  • donated on your birthday or birth month
  • donated at least 3 times in a year
  • donated your 5th or 10th packet of blood

You qualify for the Birthday Programme or HOPE (Helping Other People livE) Programme. We hope to pass you a token of appreciation. You can collect your fifth or tenth donation medallion at the blood banks too. Please approach any of the friendly nurses or Red Cross staff at the blood bank for assistance!