How Else Can I Help?

Apart from donating blood, there are other ways you can contribute to the National Blood Programme.

For organisations

  • Organise a blood donation drive with us
    Donating blood together can be a fun, enriching, and fantastic bonding activity for your employees or members of your organisation. Singapore needs 400 units of blood each day. Your contributions will go a long way to help patients who need blood and build resilience in our community.

    There are two ways to organise a blood donation drive:

    1. Group Booking at Bloodbank
      Blood donation drives can be held at any bloodbank, islandwide. Let us know when and which bloodbank you want to hold your blood drive so that we can prepare for your arrival. We can provide a chartered bus if there are at least 10 participants.
    2. Mobile blood collection site at your premises
      If you are hosting a big group of donors (140 or more), we can set up a mobile blood collection site at your premises. All you need is a clean, spacious room or hall with adequate lighting, ventilation, and which isn’t too noisy. Depending on the anticipated turnout, we would also need sufficient tables and chairs and at least three power sources.

To organise your own blood drive or to learn more about organising your own drive, email us

For individuals

  • Be a volunteer blood ambassador
    To ensure that we have a sustainable pool of blood donors, we undertake a variety of awareness and recruitment activities at schools, shopping malls and community centres. Join our Blood Ambassador team and spread the word about blood donation!
  • Help out at our Blood Collection Centres
    Volunteers at our Blood Collection Centres are the first point of contact for many blood donors. You’ll gain an in-depth view of the blood donation process while helping us to create a welcoming environment for blood donors.
  • Be part of our engagement team at special events
    Each year, we celebrate World Blood Donor Day to recognise the contributions of blood donors in Singapore. Throughout the year, we also organise a series of themed events to celebrate our multicultural heritage and provide a platform for donors to enjoy festive activities. We love to work with volunteers with a keen interest and skills in event management to help us with the planning and execution of these events.
  • Specialist skills and knowledge
    We recognise that many volunteers are specialists in diverse fields, and are keen to contribute to the National Blood Programme while utilising their skills in specialised areas. If you’re an experienced logistics coordinator or a marketing expert, or if data analysis or call-centre operations are your field of expertise, share your ideas with us to help us improve!

To learn more about volunteering with us, email us or check out our Members and Volunteers page

For youths

  • Be part of our Red Cross Youth and organise a blood donation drive
  • Youth who are keen on learning more about blood donation can join our Red Cross Youth, which runs a wide range of programmes and activities, including blood donation drives.

For blood beneficiaries

  • Share your stories with us
    If you or a family member/colleague/friend are currently or used to be a blood beneficiary, we’d love to hear from you! Your story could just be the inspiration for hesitant donors to take the first step in becoming a lifelong blood donor and helping others in need. Share your story with us.

Call us to speak to any of our Donor Managers and find out how we can support you in your blood drive.