Making Her Maiden Blood Donation

Singapore Red Cross' Social Ambassador Priscilla Chan shares her maiden experience donating blood and urges others to contribute to this life-saving cause.

When Priscilla Chan, 38, a mother of two boys, was appointed a Social Ambassador for the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and got to know more about blood donation, she soon realised the procedure was much simpler than she expected — as well as the importance of supporting blood donation efforts. 

Recently, Priscilla went to the Bloodbank@HSA for her maiden blood donation. She candidly shared that she was slightly apprehensive as a first-time donor, and that she had to look away when the needle was inserted. 

To her surprise, she hardly felt any pain, thanks to the local anaesthetic that was administered prior to the procedure. She also appreciated that the entire blood donation process went smoothly and was completed within an hour. 

She pointed out that blood donation is a meaningful cause that many healthy people can engage in on a regular basis.

Priscilla also found it heartening to see many people of different demographics at the donation centre that day. 

"Blood donation is a universal expression of care to others in the community. This simple act saves and sustains lives. I hope that more people will step forward to help because Singapore is in constant need of blood," she said.

Understanding Singapore’s Blood Supply Needs

According to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), in 2020, Singapore used 325 units of blood per day  for procedures such as general surgery, medical treatment, and emergencies. To ensure ample stocks in times of emergency, HSA maintains six days' worth of blood supply. However, in 2020, blood donors amounted to only 1.78 percent of the island's residential population. 

Priscilla emphasised the need for more people to step forward to donate blood, and for existing donors to continue donating blood even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. She added that safety protocols are in place at blood donation sites to ensure safe distancing, with screening to safeguard the well-being of blood donors, employees, and volunteers.

Now that she is officially a member of the SRC community, Priscilla is committed to promoting the organisation's humanitarian efforts and the National Blood Programme.

"The demand for blood is always there. Think about the lives you can save by becoming a blood donor," she urged.

By Mel Alejo, Volunteer Writer
Copyedited by Sophie Chew, Volunteer


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