Acquainting Preschoolers with the Work of the Red Cross

On May 20, Sunshine Kids Care Centre's Red Cross Junior preschoolers visited Red Cross House with their teachers and parents. This was the inaugural preschool visit since the refurbishment of Red Cross House. 

During the tour, the children explored the Red Cross House, visited our transporter, and learnt about the Singapore Red Cross SRC's humanitarian services.

RCJ Open House Red Cross House 3

The teachers, parents and children had rave reviews of the visit to the Red Cross House. 

"Our partnership with the Singapore Red Cross has provided an enriching and valuable experience for the young learners. Children gleaned invaluable insights into the importance of humanitarian work and community service. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a dedicated organisation to foster compassion and social awareness in our preschoolers that align with Sunshine Kids' core values. We look forward to continuing this meaningful partnership for many years to come," said Ms Clara Yeow, Director, Sunshine Kids Care Centre.

"Our visit to Red Cross House and collaboration with the Singapore Red Cross enables us to impart to the children the importance of doing their utmost to help people while upholding the spirit of humanity. The children learn to be adaptable, resilient and confident in administering basic first aid, particularly in times of emergency. It reinforces the value of compassion. Though their hands are small, they can serve humanity and save lives," said Maria Cristina Belen, Preschool Senior Teacher.

RCJ Open House Red Cross House 4

"The trip to Red Cross House benefitted the children as they learnt something beyond the school. They know who to call and how to provide basic first aid like bandaging during an emergency," said Levonne Kiing, a parent.

"I learnt to do bandaging on my friend! If there is an accident and someone hurts himself or herself, I can help stop the bleeding by bandaging!" quipped Avlyn Poon Yan Ni, aged six.

"I was excited to see the ambulance. It was the first time I saw the inside of it. There was a bed for people to lie down.  We can save lives!" said Leah Chang Lek Ngah, aged five. 

Parents checked out the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) Shop, our newly opened thrift shop selling new and pre-loved items.

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