Fundraising for the affected communities in Gaza

Playing Football for Gaza

Having volunteered at Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem with the Lajee Centre in August and September 2023, Mr Philip Dunne is greatly distressed by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza  where there is massive loss of lives and property. 

"The devastation wrought by the conflict in Gaza and its people has been horrifying. Attacks in Gaza have claimed more than 32,000 lives, with most people killed by bombs. Thousands of people are at risk of starvation. The bombing resulted in widespread wreckage and destruction of civilian infrastructure," said Mr Dunne.

"To do nothing was not an option. When I volunteered at the West Bank a year ago, I witnessed the bravery, resilience, and strength of the people there. That inspired me to raise awareness and funds for those affected, who are attempting to survive in the harshest of situations," said Mr Dunne. 

A football enthusiast, Mr Dunne of Purple Monkeys FC Singapore organised a Gaza Relief Football Tournament at Premier Pitch, along Balestier Road on 18 May to fundraise for the humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza. 

"A football tournament is the least I could do to help alleviate the situation. It was a natural choice to show solidarity through our passion for competing and playing football here in Singapore. Football was something people would be excited about. I was spurred by the knowledge that the funds raised would help people in Gaza," said Mr Dunne. 

Encouraged by the outpouring of support, he amplified the event's magnitude.

"When I started planning the tournament, the response was overwhelmingly positive. We didn’t have adequate space for all the teams who wanted to be involved. This encouraged me to expand the football tournament to a bigger scale than I originally planned. Every team fundraised through various channels through their networks; comprising family, friends and colleagues. 

On 18 May, over 100 players of different nationalities worldwide and across Singapore formed 12 teams and competed in the football match at Premier Pitch. The event enhanced awareness of the humanitarian situation the affected people face in Gaza, and raised more than $20,000 for the Singapore Red Cross' (SRC) relief efforts in Gaza

"Several family and friends came, and stood in solidarity with us, in our efforts to fundraise for Gaza. It was heart-warming," said Mr Dunne.

It was heartening for Mr Dunne to see the outpouring of support.

Fundraising for Gaza Through the Sale of Stickers

SRC x TheStickyBiz

Distressed by the conflict in Gaza, a group of students spearheaded a new start-up initiative, TheStickyBizness to fundraise for the  SRC's relief efforts in Gaza, one of the causes they are passionate about through the design of stickers. This fundraising initiative, held from 24 to 28 June, inspires individuals and organisations to be more socially conscious and enables them to contribute and support such worthwhile causes.

"I’ve always admired the humanitarian work of the Red Cross after learning more about it in Red Cross Youth. Humanity and Voluntary Service are two Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement that resonate with me. The emergency in Gaza is heartbreaking. It compelled me to take action. This fundraiser provides a platform for youth to contribute positively and aid those affected by the ongoing crisis, ensuring they have access to the necessities and dignities they deserve," said Ms Ella Tan.

The event has raised over $400 for the local humanitarian efforts of the Singapore Red Cross.

SRC appreciates Mr Dunne's and the students' efforts in fundraising for Gaza, and their contacts for supporting their fundraisers. 

"I wish to thank every player, their friends and family for lending their support. We brought hope and help to people affected by the Gaza conflict," said Mr Dunne.

SRC welcomes fundraisers keen to fundraise for SRC's relief efforts in Gaza, and fundraisers keen to fundraise for SRC's local humanitarian services through the Grateful Hearts campaign.