[COVID-19] Advisory on Precautionary Measures

Covid-19: Advisory on Precautionary Measures

In view of the evolving Covid-19 situation, as a precautionary measure, mandatory temperature taking has been implemented at the Red Cross House, the Singapore Red Cross Academy, the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, the Red Cross Day Activity Centre for the Disabled, and at all SRC-organised activities at external venues.

All visitors and participants are required to have their temperature taken, and fill in a form to declare their travel history and contact details to facilitate contact tracing (if required). Any one with a fever (38-degree and above) will be advised to seek medical attention and not be granted entry into the premises. All individuals who are unwell, with risk of exposure to the Covid-19, or have returned from China in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter the premises.

Cleaning and disinfecting efforts are being ramped up at our premises. At the Singapore Red Cross Academy (SRCA), the cleanliness of surfaces and touchpoints such as training equipment adhere closely to the standards of infection control. Additionally, hand sanitizers are made available to all learners during training.

Blood is required daily to support the needs of patients in Singapore. However, our blood stocks are currently trending downwards. We therefore strongly urge donors who are healthy and eligible to step forward to support the national transfusion needs during this challenging time.

Here are some hygiene tips to reduce the risk of infection:

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