Red Cross Home for the Disabled

Established in 1952, the Red Cross Home for the Disabled is a residential home for those with multiple disabilities. It also operates a Day Activity Centre providing day care services.


With a team of dedicated nursing professionals, therapy and healthcare aides, physiotherapists as well as occupational and speech therapists, we provide quality care to those who are unable to care for themselves due to their disabilities.

Residential and respite care:

We focus on enhancing the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of more than 100 residents - adults and children.

Physical activities to enhance their mobility

Creative activities to stimulate their minds

Social activities to engage and bring joy to the residents

Support to the family to enhance quality of life and to provide psychosocial support

We also encourage regular family visits and home leaves during festive periods, for the benefit of the residents.

Some residents stay with us to receive professional care and families visit regularly; others reside at the Home without known families; still others have been with us since their young age and have grown at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

Get to know some of our residents and their stories here.



Donate regularly or donate in-kind to support our daily operations

Adopt a resident for a year and provide for his/her daily necessities.

Volunteer for the following activities

Befriending our residents Bond and interact with our residents to build lasting friendships through our Befriending Programme. Your time means a lot to the residents, as your interaction improves their overall emotional and psychological well-being. A helping hand or companion can make a difference to their lives.

Parties, Excursions and Entertainment Imagine being trapped in a disabled body, unable to communicate well; you’re staying away from your loved ones, living day by day, going through the same routine, how would you feel? Help our residents have fun and bring some cheer into their lives. We welcome volunteers to organise social and recreational activities that include parties, outing, festive celebrations and birthday celebrations for our residents.

Beauty and Grooming Provide complimentary haircutting services and nail art for our residents if you have the flair in hairstyling and other beauty regimes

Art and Craft Motivate and empower our resident artists to leverage their creativity to produce wonderful artworks

Guide and Host Conduct orientation sessions for new groups of volunteers

Teaching English Help our foreign staff who do not speak English as the primary language

Environmental Care A good living environment helps to create good quality of life. With the support from volunteers like yourself, we are able to provide a conducive environment and nursing care to our residents. If you are good with your hands or have a green thumb, you can help with wheelchair cleaning or maintaining our gardens.

Care for Caregivers

People who tend others often pay a hefty emotional and physical price. Caring for residents who have multiple disabilities can be emotionally and physically demanding. Hence, there’s a lot of emotional support needed. You are welcome to organise activities like zumba, yoga, excursions for our caregivers to invigorate and encourage them in their meaningful work.

Today, we serve more than 100 beneficiaries at our Home. Our presence means that their caregivers and family members, potentially hundreds more, can go about their livelihoods and earn a living, with the assurance that their loved ones are well cared for, at a home away from home. Make a donation to help sustain our care to the residents and to enable us to serve more people in need.

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