Singapore Red Cross and Health Sciences Authority Thank Blood Donors for Coming Forward

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) would like to thank all donors who generously responded to our appeal for Group O blood on 25 January 2024. Over the past week, more than 5,300 donors have stepped forward and donated, resulting in the collection of close to 3,300 units of O+ blood. The O+ blood stock has seen an improvement of close to 230% since the media appeal.   

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all donors for their life-saving contributions. Blood donation is a shared responsibility and an essential component of building community resilience in Singapore, as well as, reflecting a caring and cohesive society. It is important to have a steady influx of donors to ensure timely access to blood for patients in need,” said Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of SRC.

However, the period during and after the Lunar New Year remains a crucial period for us. Blood collection typically drops by 20% during the festive periods and long weekends. Therefore, there is a possibility of a decline in Group O blood stock, particularly in the first two weeks following Lunar New Year, if the current momentum is not sustained.    

“We would like to invite blood donors to continue donating blood before and after the Lunar New Year to bolster our blood reserves. Your regular donation is crucial to ensure that we always have at least a 9-day stockpile to respond to any civil or medical emergencies in Singapore.” said Dr Choong May Ling, Mimi, CEO of the HSA. 

As blood has a short shelf life of six weeks for red cells and only seven days for platelets, regular blood donation is the key to a stable blood supply. We strongly encourage all blood donors to make it a habit to donate regularly, at least twice a year. Your consistent contributions will ensure that there is always sufficient blood for patients in Singapore.

Stay informed about the latest blood donation news, including community drive locations and our blood stock situation, by following Singapore Red Cross on Instagram (@sgredcross and @heybloodbuddy) and Facebook (Singapore Red Cross). Your prompt response to our donation calls through social media channels will help prevent our blood stocks from reaching critical levels.