Finding a Humanitarian Cause that Resonates

Singapore Red Cross (SRC) organised a 'Find Your Calling' Open House at Red Cross House on 6 April.  

The members of the public gleaned deeper insights into SRC's humanitarian work locally and beyond our shores. They were inspired to find a cause that resonated with them and that they could contribute to, whether by volunteering or embarking on a career with the SRC.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 1

The Medical Chaperones and Transportation (MCT) team demonstrates their integral role of in bringing elderly clients and persons with disabilities to and from their life-sustaining medical appointments.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 2

The Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD) and Day Activity Centre for the Disabled (DAC) teams shared about the dedication of their team of allied professionals in caring for persons with disabilities while engaging them in activities that ensure their emotional, social and physical well-being. Their efforts provide family members with the peace of mind that their loved ones are cared for, at an oasis away from home. RCHD and DAC engage the residents and clients in arts and crafts, gardening, group therapy, multi-sensory therapy, community outings and quarterly birthday celebrations. The DAC also engages clients in meal preparation and gait training.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 5

The Home Monitoring and Eldercare (HoME+) team demonstrated the HoME+ system in safeguarding the well-being of seniors and persons with disabilities who live alone. Comprising a non-intrusive monitoring system with two panic buttons, the HoME+ system tracks the movement of seniors living alone. When the panic button is activated or there is a lack of movement from the elderly, the call centre will notify the Community Responders, who will come to their aid.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 4

The Global Engagement department highlighted the importance of humanitarian work in providing immediate relief, early recovery, and rebuilding efforts in crises and the aftermath of disasters. The department is also committed to enhancing the resilience of international communities through capacity-building training programmes and overseas humanitarian projects.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 3

Responsible for amplifying SRC's community outreach and engagement, the Marketing & Communications team communicates the impact of the Society's local and international humanitarian efforts while galvanising public interest and support for SRC's humanitarian endeavours. The team champions humanitarian thought leadership, cultivates ambassadors and partnerships for SRC, spearheads digital outreach and engagement initiatives and rallies the support of volunteers, employees, fundraisers, supporters, and donors.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 6

The Volunteer Management department oversees the myriad volunteering opportunities open to the public to uplift the lives of seniors, young children and persons with disabilities. These include volunteering opportunities for people who are keen to enhance community resilience by providing first aid coverage at national and community events, and the First Aider on Wheels programme or recruiting, retaining and recognising blood donors, and bloodmobile organisers.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 7

Meeting with representatives of the Human Resources department, visitors learned more about the diverse career opportunities within the SRC across its myriad humanitarian causes; encouraging those with a passion to serve to embark on a meaningful career or internship with the SRC.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 8

The Resource Development team manages fundraising events, e-fundraising, social enterprise Shop, Direct Donor Partnerships and secures grants and sponsorships.

Singapore Red Cross Find Your Calling Open House 9

The Red Cross Youth (RCY) strives to instil the RCY spirit by reinforcing core values, developing character and grooming youth to be future humanitarian leaders. The RCY programme nurtures children from five to nine years old, through the Red Cross Junior, a junior club for children; RCY Links and Cadets — a uniformed co-curricular activity group in primary and secondary schools; RCY Chapters in tertiary institutions, and Youth@Community, an Open Chapter for youth aged 10 to 25 years old.

With its revitalised curriculum, RCY encourages a social service-oriented mindset with its digital learning opportunities and experiences with the Singapore Red Cross’ (SRC) humanitarian services. RCY introduced mental wellness as one of its core subjects in the curriculum, which includes First and Psychological First Aid, Disaster Management, Youth Ambassadors of Blood Programme, Service Learning and Red Cross Knowledge.

Photos by Caspian Toh/Benevolent Light Society and Singapore Red Cross 

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