Join us at our International Bazaar!

As we are counting down to our International Bazaar, we give you a glimpse of the items that you can look forward to, check out or purchase at the bazaar. There is something for everyone! Bring your family and friends with you, and shop for a good cause! 


  • More than 80 stalls; local and international enterprises, civic groups,  schools and 19 diplomatic missions rallied together in solidarity
  • Immerse in a cross-cultural exchange at a venue
  • Take a glimpse into the rich culture, heritage and traditions of different countries
  • Check out their cuisines, country-specific memorabilia, souvenirs
  • Regale in their traditional song or dance performances

Cultural Immersion 

At our media preview early this month, 11 embassies presented their heritage items and culinary delights that will be on sale at the International Bazaar. 

We share some of the things you can look out for at the International Bazaar!


At the International Bazaar, whet your appetites with a myriad of exotic gastronomic and delectable cuisines, steeped in indigenous traditions. Whether you are into saccharin or savoury culinary delights, there is something for everyone. 

For those into savoury dishes, savour the appetising

  • Bento meals by So Deliciouz (Diamond Quek)
  • Chicken biryani (mixed rice dish) from Pakistan
  • Chinese Herbal soup from Pei Wan
  • Dumplings by So Deliciouz (Diamond Quek)
  • Empanadas (flakey, crispy puffs filled with savoury curried potatoes, beef and onion) from Chile
  • Harees (wheat porridge) from Qatar
  • Madrouba (rice) from Qatar
  • Osmos from Jordon
  • Raclette (cheese with boiled or steamed potatoes, vegetables, and various types of meat) from the Swiss Association of Singapore
  • Snacks from the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
  • Snacks from the Maldives
  • Sri Lankan food from the Mahakaruna Buddhist Society
  • Tteokbokki from South Korea

Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar Media Preview 1 min

For people with a sweet tooth, tantalise your tastebuds with the scrumptious saccharine delicacies at the International Bazaar such as the

  • Aseeda (cooked wheat flour with butter or honey) from Qatar
  • Biscuits by Lee Siew Ping (Picket Ball Association)
  • Biscuits by Mahakaruna Buddhist Society
  • Cakes locally flavoured by Bryan Tay
  • Caramel biscuits from Ukraine (reminiscent of their childhood)
  • Chiffon cakes by Lee Siew Ping (Picket Ball Association)
  • Cookies and cakes from the Czech Republic
  • Delicacies from Malaysia
  • Fruit from Colombia
  • Fruit cake by the Malay Focus Group
  • Iced Jelly by Lee Siew Ping (Picket Ball Association)
  • Pineapple tarts from Bee Leng
  • Snacks by Lee Siew Ping (Picket Ball Association)

For dry food and staples, check out 

  • Cashew nuts from Cambodia 
  • Fish (canned) including tuna in olive oil from the Maldives
  • Palm oil from Cambodia
  • Rice (Jasmine or brown) from Cambodia
  • Sugar from Cambodia

Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar Media Preview 4

Chocolate lovers can check out Chocolates from

  • Switzerland
  • Venezuela

Wine connoisseurs, check out the 

  • Alcohol from Ukraine
  • Craft beer from LeVel 33 
  • Rum from Venezuela 
  • Sakae from Japan
  • White wine from Switzerland
  • Wine from Angela
  • Wine and beverages from Chile

Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar Media Preview 2

Coffee lovers can look forward to a wide array of coffee available; 

  • Coffee (flavoured) from Colombia 

Tea lovers can look forward to tea from

  • Timor Leste
  • Venezuela
  • 1872 Clipper Tea Co (Gerald de Silva)


  • Cordial by the Mahakaruna Buddhist Society

Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar Media Preview 3

Activities to Participate in

  • Balloon sculpting by Nancy Kuah
  • Crochet from Zhuo En Ru (Meredith)
  • Face painting
  • Games from Sam Mealy, Nagomi artwork from Nagomi Pastel Art
  • Magician at Little Magician Big Heart
  • Tattoos (temporary) by Temasek Polytechnic

Pet Lovers, check out these items for your pets

  • Accessories from Zumvel
  • Vitamins from Zumvel

If you are looking for cultural or heritage memorabilia or souvenirs, check out 

  • Arts and Crafts by Tyanne Choo
  • Artefacts from Sri Lanka by the National Children's Educational & Benevolent Foundation (Rev Kassapa)
  • Bookmarks from Japan
  • Coasters (resin) by Angsana Primary School
  • Ceramics from Japan
  • Ceramic pots from Ms Hanol Lok
  • Crochet Shop by Zhuo En Ru Meredith
  • Cups (glass) from Japan
  • Dolls from Venezuela
  • Handicrafts from China
  • Handicrafts from the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste 
  • Handicraft (Japanese) by Sashiko for Therapy
  • Handicrafts by Knots with Love
  • Handicrafts from the Republic of Korea
  • Lacquerware from Japan
  • Merchandise from the Philippines
  • Nagomi artwork by Nagomi Pastel art
  • Paintings from Venezuela
  • Pens from Japan
  • Pillows, cushions, earrings, decorations by Ad (Bells Books & Candles)
  • Souvenirs from the Czech Republic
  • Tote bags (orchids) from Venezuela (Orchids are the national flowers of both Singapore and Venezuela. The tote bag has illustrations of both orchids of the two countries.)

Clothing / Scarfs, check out

  • Attire (upcycled fashion) from Arthur Davies Roxanne Davies
  • Tee shirts from the Maldives
  • Tee shirts from Venezuela

Accessories, check out

  • Earrings by Ad (Bells, Books, and Candles)
  • Jewellery from Bryan Tsao 
  • Jewellery (Paper quilted) by A Nu Purpose
  • Phone charms (handmade 3D printed) by A Nu Purpose
  • Necklace (handcrafted) from Liow Qiwei

Aromatic Scents

If you indulge in aromatic scents, check out the 

  • Aroma infusion from Angela
  • Soaps (uniquely flavoured) from Jordon

Check out the Preloved Items and Merchandise

  • Books by Nobel Laureates from Chile
  • Merchandise from our Shop@RedCross
  • Pre-loved items from our Shop@RedCross
  • Stationery by Arshad Shiju
  • Storybooks by Arshad Shiju
  • Textbooks by Arshad Shiju

Silent Auction

As a prelude to the Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar 2023, to be held on 18 November, we are pleased to unveil our Silent Charity Auction featuring exclusive one-of-a-kind items, generously sponsored by our esteemed partners including 2Quilters, TheGoodBurger, and Genark & Co. The online auction is open from now till 25 November 2023. Don't miss your chance to contribute to this meaningful cause, as we bring together "One World United in Humanity".

Visit to find out more and place your bid today! All the funds raised through the auction will go towards the Singapore Red Cross' local humanitarian services; to support vulnerable families, children and youth, isolated seniors and persons with disabilities whom the Singapore Red Cross serves. 

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars, and see you at our International Bazaar at Ngee Ann City on 18 November!