Singapore Red Cross Receives the ITE's Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) Champion Status

The Singapore Red Cross has obtained the ITE's Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) Champion status. The certification was issued following assessments of RCHD's On-the-Job Training (OJT) structure and quality based on its Workplace Learning Plan and complete training records, Job Task Lists, developed an OJT Blueprint and the people administering the OJT System.  This certification attested and recognised the Red Cross Home for the Disabled's (RCHD) unwavering commitment to training its caregivers and employees.

The OJT, conducted during working hours at the wards, is an ongoing competency appraisal of care employees' competence in carrying out the residents' daily activities (showering, feeding, transferring to or from a wheelchair/bed, monitoring vital signs, hand hygiene, and changing diapers). Care employees are assessed if the processes and techniques they adopt comply with the Standard Operating Procedures. This safeguards the safety of the residents while ensuring that the residents receive proper care.  

"I drop by the wards to assess the care employees occasionally, ensuring that they carry out the procedures correctly for the benefit of our residents.  Besides the theory, there are practical aspects which incorporate coaching and hands-on demonstration. I provide feedback to the care employees on their strengths and weaknesses for their awareness and improvement," said Ms Kua Bee Lee, RCHD's Clinical Instructor. 

As the OJT is an ongoing process, Ms Kua plans the OJTs six months in advance.  She monitors one or two OJT tasks monthly. 

Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks

However, the implementation of the OJT came with some hurdles, which Ms Kua had to navigate.

"While the knowledge is imparted to all the care employees, their understanding may vary based on their language proficiency, learning styles and capabilities. I curate the coaching methodology based on the caregivers' language proficiency, learning styles and capabilities," Ms Kua said.

Positive Feedback on the OJT

Ms Kua's efforts in customizing training the care employees have been appreciated. Care employees have provided positive feedback on the OJT.

“OJT helps us to learn and gain more knowledge to perform our job in real-life situations. It boosts our efficiency while enabling us to explore more skills and new ideas that we can leverage in our workplace."  

Remegio Lavelyn Godinez, Senior Nursing Aide 

“The OJT enhances my decision-making abilities while adapting to the dynamic healthcare environment.”  

Flosa Genalyn Tabarangao, Nursing Aide 

“OJT was a transformative experience under the guidance of our Clinical Instructor. The hands-on approach not only enhanced my proficiency, but also instilled confidence. The learning process is invaluable in the healthcare sector.”  

Zin Min Htet, Health Care Aide

“The OJT enhanced my competency while expanding my knowledge. I developed a better understanding of the procedures of the daily activities of living that we engage the residents in.”                

Rajapaksha Gedara Saman Srikantha, Health Care Aide

"Through the OJT, I learnt the significance of each process in caring for the residents. I have become more conscious about my work. I am very grateful, thank you.”  

Naw Sinn Thi Yar, Health Care Aide

“The OJT has been very helpful. The theoretical knowledge learnt is very distinct from the practical and hands-on activities that we engage in. The OJT provides us with guidance on the correct ways and the correct performance.”  

Kyaw Thu Win, Health Care Aide

“At the OJT, we gleaned several useful insights and learnt about the mistakes made and ways to correct them. We gained much from the experience and enhanced our confidence in our work. I am thankful for the OJT sessions as we learnt much from them, thank you! I look forward to other OJT sessions!"

Hyehman Soe Thwin, Therapy Aide

“The OJT training helped me to enhance my competency and proficiency as a healthcare professional. It refreshed my knowledge on some of the training I had in my previous job and it enhanced my confidence in performing my job as a Therapy Aide. Now I can perform more effectively and efficiently."

Louvel De Los Angeles, Therapy Aide

Testimony of RCHD's Commitment to Training the Caregivers

The positive feedback from the caregivers and SRC's certification of the ITE's COJTC Champion status attested that Ms Kua's labor of love had paid off. 

"I am heartened that our efforts to achieve the quality structured OJT Training framework have been recognised. This is a protracted process which entails years of consistency. Every OJT training is a different experience to evaluate how the care employees put their knowledge into action and find fulfillment in their learning journey," Ms Kua said.  

Not resting on her laurels, Ms Kua shared that the RCHD remains committed to training its caregivers to uphold professional standards for the benefit of the residents. 

"Our journey will not stop at the Champion certification. We will continue to uphold our professionalism for the best interests of our residents in challenging circumstances, particularly in the ongoing COVID fight!" she affirmed.