Red Cross Memories: Shaun Choo

I first came to know about the Red Cross Home for the Disabled during my two years’ National Service stint, while I was a part of the Signals Formation. The Home was Signal's official charity. Every year-end, they would go down to celebrate Christmas with the residents of the home; getting some of our talented individuals to give performances, singing carols and distributing gifts to the all members of the less fortunate.

My superiors approached me, enquiring as to my interest in performing a couple of songs at the piano, which I gladly obliged. I even transported my own digital piano there! Having given concerts in many countries across Europe and Asia, I am used to performing in front of large audiences. However, it was my first time performing for a specific group of people, people who might have more difficulty establishing a connection to music compared to you and I, due to their hardships and disabilities. I was determined to attempt to break this barrier and bond with them through my music. I enjoyed myself immensely. They were two of the most memorable Christmas celebrations I have experienced so far!

The smiles and laughter brought to the resident's faces at the home was in itself the greatest reward. Seeing even the least fortunate ones who are unable to speak or express themselves in the usual forms show their content and joy in other ways was very touching!