By Sondra Foo, Corporate Communications and Marketing

Photo Caption: The organising committee members of Nuts for Humanity (from left) Mohammad Zaidi Bin Ariffin (Deputy Director), Prathivmohan s/o Chandramohan (Deputy Director & Project Director for Nuts for Humanity), Daphne Goh (Coordinating Assistant Director, Youth Leader @ District), Bertha Kwok (Assistant Director, Cadets) and Angeline Yong (Head, Red Cross Youth).

Over the years, Red Cross Youth (RCY) members have honed their event management skills through the organisation of countless events. But engaging in social enterprise is completely foreign to them. Yet, that did not stop them from jumping into the deep end and navigating their way around.

A group of eight RCY members comprising RCY key appointment holders, Chapter Leaders, uniformed groups, and youth officers brainstormed ideas to celebrate RCY’s 65th Anniversary in 2017. Several ideas were thrown to the fore. Eventually, they settled on selling a product line that will resonate with the masses - healthy snacks.

The team collaborated with nuts supplier and social entrepreneur, Box Green to introduce three new mixes; brain food for children and students, high in calcium for the elderly, and high in iron for the blood donors. This is on top of the three more commonly purchased nuts; Acai berry granola, bearylicious, and peri peri lime soya crisps. Each packet of nuts is valued at S$6.50 in conjunction with RCY’s 65th Anniversary last year.

Despite not having a background or knowledge of business management, the team was involved in the logistics, backend processes, marketing, publicity, website design and even consignment sales for ‘Nuts for Humanity’. The team brainstormed ways to capture attention and rally support for the cause. Cognisant that many causes are vying for attention on social media, they decided to organise a contest for people to buy nuts, snap a photo, tag, and post it to generate publicity for ‘Nuts for Humanity’.

Red Cross News interviewed key drivers of ‘Nuts for Humanity’, Youth Leader at District Daphne Goh and Assistant Director of Cadets and Assistant Divisional Officer Bertha Kwok on their experiences.

Daphne shared that one of her most memorable experiences was when Channel 8 producers interviewed both of them on the initiative. The producers also filmed the behind-the-scenes responsibilities of packing, transportation and delivery process. Initial apprehensions dissipated as they forged a rapport with the producers.

But the work was not without hiccups. Bertha encountered challenges in the storage and delivery scheduling. Notwithstanding a few detours, Bertha was glad they eventually made it.

This bore testimony that with their youthful vigor, energy, creativity and willpower, youth can be empowered to make a difference.

“We strive to inspire, share and raise funds for Singapore Red Cross’ local humanitarian services. Through this initiative, we want to bring across the message that the youth can do something meaningful,” shared Daphne.

Daphne hopes that Nuts for Humanity will gain traction as an effective fundraiser for SRC. The initiative can then be carried out annually to raise funds and generate awareness of SRC’s efforts in uplifting the lives and enhancing community resilience.

For Bertha, it was heartening to see corporate organisations and schools being forthcoming in procuring the ‘Nuts for Humanity’.

“It is heartening to see our youth leaders initiating fundraising projects inspired by Red Cross causes. Using their creativity and passion, they befriend our elderly and rally like-minded individuals and social enterprises to support these meaningful projects.” - Angeline Yong, Head of Red Cross Youth

You can also do your part to spread word about the Nuts for Humanity by encouraging your family and friends to purchase the nuts and do their bit for charity! Find out more here.

In celebration of Nurses’ Day, we pay tribute to nursing aides at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled. They share their stories and what makes them passionate about their jobs.


“For me, the Red Cross Home for the Disabled is not just a workplace, but a home with an extended family, that showers love and care everyday. We have to be patient here. Because of the severity of disability, it takes effort and rapport to understand what the residents want and what they are trying to communicate. The best reward is when I see them smile - when they are happy and satisfied with whatever we do. Putting myself in their shoes keeps me going.” - Charito (Nursing Aide)


“I am proud to care for persons with disability whilst making a living and saving for my future. Initially, it was challenging, when I could care for people who were complete strangers and yet not be around for my family in the Philippines. I overcame that challenge by thinking of our residents as my family too. When I replace their loneliness with happiness… that is most rewarding. When I make them smile… those are special moments. I love my job and that keeps me going. Here at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, you will not feel you are working. You will feel bonded in a community with different people who are all motivated by a shared mission, to care for those in need.” - Gia Anne (Nursing Aide)


“It can be challenging and demanding, but it is also deeply rewarding to help people in need. As most of our residents are unable to speak or walk, we assist them in their daily activities with tenderness, and really, the best care they deserve. A simple smile or “thank you” goes a long way… It gives me great satisfaction and joy, and that’s enough to keep me going.” - Jessica (Nursing Aide)


“Two years ago, I joined the Red Cross Home for the Disabled as I was genuinely driven by the desire to help. I believe our disabled residents need care, support and love. I’m glad if I can do something that makes them happy, even if it is in a small way. I welcome everyone to join us, because you will, like me, will find happiness and family here.” - Aguirre (Nursing Aide)