Red Cross Junior

In April 2018, Singapore Red Cross and its early childhood education partner, Kidz Meadow, jointly launched the Red Cross Junior Club and its holistic curriculum - Project C.A.R.E, marking SRC’s foray into learning programme development for and purposeful engagement of pre-school children.

Red Cross Junior offers a two-year activity-based curriculum, Project C.A.R.E; and a service-learning component where Juniors can partake in various volunteering activities and learning journeys. Project C.A.R.E focuses on three core areas:

  • Care for the Elderly
  • Care for the Differently Abled
  • Care for Safety which centers on first aid.

As part of the programme, SRC will provide complimentary first aid training to teachers from all participating pre-schools, under its ‘Train the Trainer’ (TOT) programme. The programme aims to empower teachers with the resources and know-how to conduct first aid related activities for children.

To date, more than 67 pre-schools and 2348 juniors have come on board and implemented Project C.A.R.E in the year 2018.

Upon completion of the curriculum, our young children will be presented with a graduation lanyard.

A total of 21 pre-schools have taken their Red Cross Journey further by setting up a Red Cross Junior Club in their schools/ centers. To-date, we have registered a total of 1001 Red Cross Junior Members where they will participate in Singapore Red Cross volunteering events such as Flag Day, attend learning journeys and be included in our district-level community outreach programme.

For more information on bringing Red Cross Junior Club and Project C.A.R.E to your pre-school, please contact us at

Interested to set up a Red Cross Junior Club in your center? Register via this link here!

More information and FAQ on Red Cross Junior Programme here.

Red Cross Junior Club - Starter Kit

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Starter Kit will be provided to school at no additional cost. The resources provided to school will help                       

List of Red Cross Junior Clubs

Year 1 Curriculum

Care for Elderly

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Care for Safety

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Care for Differently Abled