A high fever left him immobile when he was six months old. Bit by bit, Noor regained the use of his upper body, and learnt to move around his home on a wooden board with wheels. Now 70, Noor accesses medical appointments with the help of Red Cross’ TransportAid.


Singapore Red Cross’ TransportAid service helps the elderly and disabled from low-income homes get to and from their healthcare service facilities, such as medical treatments, rehabilitation and day activity centres. For many wheelchair-bound patients, getting to and from their medical appointments can be challenging, because of their limited mobility. For those struggling financially, the problem is exacerbated as commercially available private transport services are not economically feasible for the long term. With the TransportAid service, those in need will be able to access their life-sustaining care and treatment, which they may otherwise be unable to get to. With your help, we can do much more!


In 2014, TransportAid service made some 7,899 life-sustaining trips. Most beneficiaries are referred by medical social workers from public hospitals and welfare organisations. They are wheelchair-bound and have chronic diseases or other medical conditions for which they are required to go for regular treatments, therapy or check-ups. Currently, more than 90% of our beneficiaries leverage TransportAid service regularly for their medical appointments and treatments, and the rest, for ad-hoc check-ups and follow-ups.


The TransportAid service is offered at subsidised rates, based on means testing results that are assessed by social workers. Currently, most of our beneficiaries fall into this group.

Today, more than 47,000 Singapore residents are aged 65 and above. Within the next ten years, one in five Singapore residents will fall in this age group. Another 200,000 residents, or 3 percent of our population, live with some form of disability. While healthcare may be covered by insurance or government subsidies, the high cost of transportation for the disabled makes it untenable for many to receive sustained care.

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