Community FirstAid

In emergencies, the first few minutes are critical to save a person’s life. 

The provision of first aid ensures that basic care is given before medical aid arrives.

The Singapore Red Cross protects the community by providing first aid coverage at national and community events. We also provide training as part of our mission to protect lives and respond to emergencies.


Through the Community FirstAid programme, we mobilise First Aid volunteer teams for events ranging from the National Day Parade, Chingay Parade and Istana Open House to community sports events, family day carnivals, etc.

At the Singapore Red Cross, first aid duties are our way of protecting the community.

Currently, Singapore Red Cross provides more than 10,000 man hours of service every year, working with hundreds of certified First Aiders, among whom the champion could commit up to some 200 hours of service per year.

“Those critical minutes can make a big difference in saving a person’s life before advanced medical care arrives. By volunteering in Community FirstAid, we can save lives.”
Mr Elias Ye

"Volunteering as a first aider keeps us abreast of the first aid techniques and enhances our confidence in delivering the skill to patch up the wounded. Whenever we bring smiles to others, we know our efforts are all worthwhile."
Mr Michael Lim

First Aid coverage service

Social enterprise solution for event organisers!

Let the Red Cross First Aiders keep your event participants safe! 

"Singapore Red Cross (SRC) can be relied upon for a great communication and medical team. SRC covered our inaugural Haw Par Junior and Youth Athletic Meet 2021. I would recommend their service and professionalism."
Mr. Faisal Suptu, Chairman, Technical Officials & Sports Classification, Para-athletics Singapore


  • Subject expert providing First Aid training for more than 5 decades 
  • Safeguarded 300+ events over the past 5 years
  • We help the elderly, disabled, children and vulnerable families in our community. By engaging our services, you’d be supporting them indirectly!
Engage a team of 4 First Aiders for $100!*
Reserve a Medical Transport (safety vehicle) for $250!**
*First 8 hours of coverage, includes a team of 4 qualified and trained first aiders, between 0800hrs to 2200hrs
**First 3 hours of coverage, includes 1x driver (trained Standard First Aider), 1x medic (Emergency Medical Technician), between 0800hrs to 2200hrs
Additional charges apply for extra hours and night-time charges. Talk to us about your needs! 

Email or 6664 0500 to find out more. 

 First Aider on Wheels - a Community FirstAid Programme


First Aiders on Wheels patrol along the East Coast Park every weekend and on public holidays, to provide first aid to park-goers in need.


We help the visitors of East Coast Park by attending to their physical injuries, providing assurance and comfort or calling an emergency ambulance in case of need.
While most casualties do not face life-threatening situations, they benefit from having their wounds and sprains properly bandaged. More often than not, it is our presence in which the community finds assurance


Get first aid trained and serve with us at national and community events or join as a First Aider on Wheels! If you are looking for a CSR activity that marries team bonding, healthy living and direct aid – with direct benefits (first aid skills) to your organisation – this is the choice programme!

If you are a first aider, you can enrol directly in the First Aider on Wheels programme and serve with us!

Donate and help us train volunteers to serve the community. $90 subsidises 1 volunteer to be first aid ready and respond to emergencies in the community.

Contact us if you require community first aid support.