HoME+ (Home Monitoring and Eldercare)

Home Monitoring and Eldercare (HoME+) is a value-added service that provides 24-hour communication and monitoring platform that engages trained Community Responders to look after their vulnerable neighbours.

  • Monitor seniors at home
  • Provide assistance to them when in need:
    • Basic first aid assistance
    • Psychological First Aid
    • Lend a listening ear

HoME+ helps seniors living on their own by providing a helpline for non-emergency situations and a monitoring, alert and response system for home safety, to facilitate community ageing-in-place.

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  • 100% privacy, no CCTVs
  • Be instantly notified if the elderly requires assistance
  • Immediate medical attention in emergencies

Get the peace of mind that your parents and grandparents are safe at home! Register for the HoME+ service for your loved ones today by completing this form.

“I collapsed in the toilet following an epilepsy attack and sustained a head injury. In panic, my mother pressed the HoME+ panic button. A Red Cross Community Responder came to my aid. She cleaned my wound with water and bandaged my head. I would recommend this service as the volunteers are responsive, helpful and friendly. They provide support and aid when needed, providing a peace of mind to family members.”
– Salinah Sani, whose mother, Samnah Kadir, is a beneficiary of HoME+ service. 

"The Red Cross’ HoME+ team kept me awake and alert by talking to me until the ambulance reached me. I feel safer with Red Cross HoME+, especially when I'm home alone…Whenever I feel that something is not right, I will reach out to press the button, I feel more safe knowing I have Singapore Red Cross HoME+ service."
Mr Don Anil, 66, HoME+ user 

Yes, I am pleased with the system and have been recommending it to my friends, ex-colleagues and aerobics/gym mates. I told them this is a "must-have" for anyone living alone or have elderly folks living on their own. With sound knowledge and a pleasant demeanour, your team has gained my trust. Thank you for overcoming my initial hesitation to admit a stranger into my home! Having you as a friend is an unexpected bonus!
– Mrs England-Lim K F

For more information and Referrals/Applications:

Email us at home.plus@redcross.sg or call us at 65-666 40 699.

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