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Singapore Red Cross helps communities recover from natural disasters and build resilience during peacetime. We go beyond our shores to bring humanitarian aid to those in need.

Natural disasters strike without notice but there are systems that can provide forecast and warning based on studies and experiences. When it comes to disaster management, preparedness during peacetime is as important as response after the disaster hits.


Disaster Response

Singapore Red Cross works to prepare the community and build resilience against disasters through training and capacity building activities.

Often, disaster strikes without any warning. At Singapore Red Cross, we strive to put in place, a strong monitoring system to warn us of impending disasters based on studies and experiences. From vital signs, we are sometimes able to timely prepare for immediate response and to support the community.

When a disaster strikes, Singapore Red Cross assesses the situation and help those affected with immediate relief efforts by providing urgent aid (food, water, shelter etc). Our volunteers are trained to provide first aid, medical care, water and sanitation and psychosocial support. Teams would be deployed overseas within 48-72 hours after any disaster. We also work closely with Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and partners to support various services, such as:

  • Relief Distribution
  • Medical aid
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Restoring Family Links

Recovery Efforts

After the initial stages of post-disaster emergency relief, our efforts shift to focus on medium-term recovery work as well as long-term rebuilding projects. We support affected communities, rebuild lives and re-establish sustainable livelihoods beyond the emergency phase. Our recovery and rehabilitation efforts include: rebuilding of community facilities like schools, activity centers and hospitals.

In times of war and aftermath of natural disasters, we also assist families in tracing their loved but lost ones via the Red Cross Restoring Family Links Service. When we re-connect lost-and-found family members, we see the power of human connections amid devastation.

International Collaboration

The Overseas Humanitarian Programme (OHP), mainly headed by our Red Cross Youth, is organised during peacetime to assist communities in improving their living environment, conditions and quality. These are mission trips for which volunteer groups are organised, trained and deployed to carry out humanitarian aid projects overseas.

“To say that OHP has been a life-changing experience for me is an understatement. From teaching elementary students basic hygiene through songs (in midst of laughter) to hearing their conviction in continuing education against all odds to fulfill their dreams, I gleaned from them to not take things for granted and to stand strong during tough times. Hearing these children singing the hand-washing song taught during hygiene lessons with pride and seeing their faces breaking into joyful smiles, I felt a sense of accomplishment, as well as an intangible happiness in knowing that a small action of mine can make such huge difference to these children’s lives.” Isabel Toh, Raffles Girl’s School (Secondary), member of OHP Project S.P.L.A.S.H June 2014 – Schools Promoting and Learning About Safety and Hygiene

“It’s really amazing to see how resilient the survivors from Typhoon Haiyan were. Most people lost their homes but what was important was that the people did not lose hope.” Nicholas Boon, volunteer and Full-Time National Serviceman

“Singapore’s friendship has provided hope to the people of Soma City… This gift, [the re-built Isobe Community Centre] from the people of Singapore will stay with us for another 100 years.” Mr Hidekiyo Tachiya, Mayor of Soma City, Japan. The Isobe Community Centre was the first to be re-built after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Tracing Service
Based on the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement, the Singapore Red Cross established its Tracing service to assist individuals to locate and re-establish communication with lost family members who are separated by natural or man-made disasters. This is achieved through the support of mass media, government departments, public and private organisations, as well as the tracing network of the International RCRC Movement.


General Tracing Service
Applicants for this service must meet all the three requirements to be eligible for the Singapore Red Cross’ Tracing Service:

1. Reasons of Separation

  • Separation due to disasters
  • Separation due to other special reasons will be considered according to humanitarian principles

2. Relationship between the enquirer and sought person

  • The enquirer is an immediate family member of the person to be located (i.e. parents and children, siblings or married couples;
  • Only dependent relatives

3. Information Submitted

  • The enquirer must provide essential information about the lost family member including name, age, last known address and the reason for the separation

Cases that will not be accepted
The objective of the Red Cross Tracing Service is to facilitate family reunion; hence the following cases will not be considered:

  • Legal actions
  • Commercial interests
  • Tracing for a relative who has passed on
  • Tracing for ancestors or descendants, but the information is insufficient, e.g. names cannot be provided

Overseas Tracing Service
Restoring family links among survivors of armed conflict is one of the most longstanding activities of the Red Cross.

In war, communication is usually disrupted. This, in turn, stoked the loss of contact between family members who are living on opposite sides of the front line. Many of them fled their homes, were displaced or sought refuge in another country.

The Red Cross aims to protect the lives and rights of civilians in wartime by providing the Tracing service. For the unaccompanied children, their photos and names will be posted in refugee camps and public places to reunite children with their parents expeditiously.

Besides the tracing service, the Red Cross also facilitates communication among separated families through Red Cross Messages. It is a system where correspondence is exchanged through the Red Cross for those people living in refugee camps or persons residing in places of confinement and is held in lawful custody.

For matters relating to tracing service, please contact us at:
International Services (Restoring Family Links), Singapore Red Cross Headquarters
Address: 15 Penang Ln, Red Cross House, Singapore 238486
Telephone / Email

Application Form
General Tracing Enquiry Form: Online Application Form / Download Form (pdf) / FAQs


Donate when disasters strike to help with the relief, recovery and reconstruction work. Donations are encouraged as it enables us to purchase suitable supplies for the disaster stricken area and climate, and eliminates logistical challenges. This allows us to swiftly provide the affected communities with much needed relief.

Donate during peacetime to support the overseas humanitarian programme that build the community’s resilience in face of disasters.

Volunteer if you have expertise in areas of medical care, water and sanitation, and psychosocial support; or if you are passionate about relief operations in the field overseas; training will be provided to prepare you for deployment when the need arises.

Fundraise to support the operations and projects in the long run.

Centre of Excellence for Pandemic Preparedness

The aim of the Centre of Excellence for Pandemics is to provide a platform for the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement to regularly exchange information and best practices, so as to be on top of any potential outbreaks and have appropriate countermeasures in place.

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Conferences and Training

Overseas Disaster Deployment Training

The Overseas Disaster Deployment Training is a comprehensive training course designed for individuals and organizations involved in humanitarian and disaster response efforts. This course equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to effectively respond to disasters and emergencies in international settings. It is an essential program for those who wish to contribute to disaster relief operations and support communities in crisis around the world.

This is an intensive 6-day (40 hours) training programme that spans across 3 weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

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Singapore Red Cross Humanitarian Conference

The Humanitarian Conference was conceived to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, perspectives, and best practices on current issues in humanitarian work relevant to us all today. The conference provides a platform for discussion, not only amongst humanitarian organisations but also with other parties who are have embraced the humanitarian cause.

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