Strength in Adversity

Tribulations in life sometimes wear us down. Yet, it is also said that what does not break us only makes us stronger. This is definitely the case for Mdm Tang Geok Huay, a beneficiary of SRC FoodAid’s Meals with Love, whose daughter is a resident at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD).

Mdm Tang, 44, has been taking care of her four children single-handedly for the past five years. Her eldest son, 23, just finished his National Service and is deciding between furthering his studies or getting a job. Her second son, is a final-year student at a local polytechnic. The third who is 19, was led astray by friends, remanded at a girls’ home and was just released. And her youngest, Phyllis, is 17 and stays at the RCHD - she was diagnosed with physical and intellectual disabilities when nine months old.

Today, Mdm Tang does not work as she cares for her two-year old granddaughter full-time. The toddler is the child of Mdm Tang’s elder daughter.

Despite the curve balls life has thrown towards her, Mdm Tang opts to look on the bright side of things. “I hope my two sons will do well in their studies and secure good jobs in the future, and I hope my 19-year old daughter will find a job soon,” she shared.

Mdm Tang finds assurance with the professional care provided by the RCHD to Phyllis. “I am thankful to the staff and therapists of the Red Cross Home for the Disabled. I can see marked improvements in my youngest daughter. She is able to call me Mama and can convey her thoughts and feelings by making sounds whenever I ask her questions,” said Mdm Tang as her eyes twinkled with a smile.

In addition, Mdm Tang is also very grateful to the Singapore Red Cross’ FoodAid volunteers. Every month, the volunteers bring fresh food, diapers and milk powder to Mdm Tang, and give her shopping vouchers for her groceries. Mdm Tang shared, “I am very touched by how the volunteers spend time with my family; chatting with us, caring for our well-being, playing with my granddaughter and bringing us snacks. We look forward to their visits. Thank you Red Cross for helping us so much!”

You too, can play a part and make a lasting difference! If you are keen to serve with us on FoodAid, please email (FoodAid volunteersare required to commit for a minimum period of one year, with one visit to beneficiary families per month.)