Tropical Christmas in Singapore

8 tips for a happy, healthy holiday!

1.       Dress light in humid SG to allow your body to breathe, but bring along a cardigan/shawl for visits to the mall.

2.       Bring a water bottle! It is important to stay well hydrated - especially the young ones who need some encouragement to drink up.

3.       Wear hats and caps, sun glasses and sunscreen! We are at our hottest from 11am to 3pm.

4.       If someone shows signs of heat exhaustion - flushed, sweaty, stomach cramps, headaches - encourage them to sit in the shade and have a drink to replace their fluids. If they do not recover quickly, seek medical advice.

5.       For sunburn, cool the skin by showering or sponging the affected area for 10 minutes, and repeat if it helps ease soreness. Apply after-sun lotion or burn relief gel to soothe the skin. Seek medical advice if a child has become sunburnt or if the skin has blistered.

6.       In the unfortunate event of a fall, ensure your wound is cleaned thoroughly and do apply a sterile breathable dressing to prevent infections. Regularly check your wound, which may take longer to heal in high humidity. Seek medical advice if it becomes hot, itchy or inflamed.

7.       Bring a compact, well-stocked first aid kit with you. 

8.       Save our ambulance hotline = (65) 6337 3333.

The Singapore Red Cross First Aid app gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common 20 first aid emergencies, in multiple languages. It’s simple, free and can save a life. Download it today! 

The Singapore Red Cross wishes you a jolly holiday!

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