Forging Partnerships to Strengthen Community Resilience

Singapore Red Cross (SRC) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the People's Association to institute new avenues of collaboration for the National Blood Programme, and overseas experiential programmes to prepare for future crises and natural calamities. Held at the Gardens by the Bay on 30 April, the event was graced by Ms Sun Xueling, the Minister of State (MOS) for Home Affairs and Social and Family Development.

MOU shores up support for the National Blood Programme to catalyse greater youth participation as donors and advocates. Besides this, the MOU launched an overseas experiential programme to develop new institutional knowledge and bolster the emergency preparedness capabilities of Community Emergency and Engagement Committees (C2E) and PA CERT leaders while preparing themselves for future crises and potential natural calamities, such as extreme heatwaves and extensive flooding spawned by climate disruptions. The MOU signing commemorated the People's Association Community Emergency Response Team (PA CERT) movement's two decades of building national resilience.

Singapore Red Cross x Peoples Association MOU 1

Established in 2004, the PA CERT movement amplifies community emergency relief capabilities in times of disasters and ensures the community restores a state of normalcy. It has played an important role in strengthening emergency preparedness and creating awareness of community safety and security programmes to build a resilient society. Comprising 8,000 members trained in first-aid skills, firefighting and crowd control knowledge, the PA Cert movement lends its support to C2Es in response to community emergencies in each constituency. Apart from participating in crisis response exercises to sharpen their emergency relief capabilities, they also contributed to national events such as the Chingay Parade and the National Day Parade during peacetime. They also supported aid distributions while reassuring residents during crises, such as the haze and COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Mohd Yusoff Yacob, BBM, Chairman of C2E Council EXCO said, “The MOU between PA and SRC marks a significant milestone in our mission to boost national resilience.”

Long-serving PA CERT member, Madam Eileen Chan Shu Ying, PBM  said, “As we brace ourselves for challenges ahead, I hope the new partnership with SRC will give PA CERT members more opportunities to develop new capabilities. We will continue to stay prepared and do our part in building resilient communities in society for the next 20 years and beyond.”

Through collaboration, dedication, and a shared commitment to service, SRC and PA CERT pledged to continue playing a critical role in our community’s emergency preparedness.

Photos by People's Association