Community Health on Wheels

What We Do

Community Health on Wheels (CHoW) is a community-based mobile healthcare programme that brings free ancillary services and basic medical care to doorsteps in the heartlands.

CHoW is a volunteer-driven initiative that is supported by some 60 healthcare professionals from the nursing, allied health, social work and psychosocial sectors. They visit different parts of Singapore to provide essential services that complement the nation’s healthcare network, making medical support more accessible, and ensuring better continuity of care for patients.

Who We Help

CHoW supports the health needs of the community, in particular, the elderly population and their caregivers.

Moving forward, SRC plans to extend the services under CHoW to other marginalised individuals, including migrant workers. CHoW may also be deployed during public events or to temporary shelters for affected communities during civil emergencies.  


Health Check

Handles chronic issues and acute illnesses of the elderly, in order to provide a continuum of care to improve the Quality of Life for the client, through a two-pronged approach

Nursing and Medical support:

  • Health Monitoring
    1. Home assessment for immobile clients
    2. Diabetic foot screening & care
  • Counselling
  • Education

Social Work engagement:

Rehabilitation / Therapy

Supplement the exercises that the elderly are receiving at their day activity centres and/or hospitals through Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy initiatives

Psychosocial Support

Supports the psychosocial well-being of the elderly, as well as their caregivers, with the help of volunteers that are trained counsellors/psychologists, and assisted by those trained in SRC’s Psychological First Aid.


To find out where CHoW will be headed, or to book CHoW for your neighbourhood, please call 6664 0500 or email us today.