Red Cross Junior Open House

On 25 March, Red Cross Junior @ Community engaged young children at its open house. 

Our juniors played a variety of games (mostly made of recycled materials) to win points and redeem prizes!

They went through a humanitarian trail where they learnt about safety, first aid, and climate change at different stations. 

Go Bag

The juniors learnt about the Go Bag, grab bag, a portable kit for families to grab and evacuate or use should an emergency occur at home, such as a blaze or blackout. Comprising essential supplies such as torchlight, whistle, portable radio, first aid kit, medicines, CPR shield, clothes, toiletries, personal documents, stationery, cutlery, water bottle, energy bars, the Go Bag enables families to be better prepared, respond better, to save lives while mitigating the negative impact and enabling recovery.

Red Cross Junior Open House 1

Water Filtration

Living in Singapore, it may be easy to take clean water coming out of our taps for granted. Yet, with climate change threatening to upend our lives, juniors learnt about the importance of our precious resource through the demonstration of a water filtration system.

Red Cross Junior Open House 2

First Aid

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. It is good to be prepared for the unexpected by equipping ourselves with useful first aid skills to respond to emergencies before the arrival of medical aid. In this station, juniors pick up some useful first aid tips.

 Red Cross Junior Open House 3

Fire Safety

Fire hazards can endanger the lives of people and property. At this station, the juniors learn that they are never too young to learn about the importance of fire safety.

 Red Cross Junior Open House 4

It was a fulfilling day for our juniors, packed with activities and food.

A big shout-out to all our volunteers who made this day a success!

Photos by Allan Tee, Volunteer