Positivity and Friendship in Service

By Sondra Foo, Corporate Communications

Christine Joy Sosa grew up in a remote part of the Philippines where it took close to an hour to get to any healthcare facility. In emergencies, her neighbours would rush to the homes of anyone with medical knowledge. Having witnessed those moments influenced Christine’s decision to study nursing.

In 2016, she packed her bags and flew to Singapore to join the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, a safe haven to a hundred residents with severe disabilities. 

“I knew that it would be a different environment for me, as the persons I would care for, are those who really need my help and patience,” the nursing aide shared. Every day, Christine assists the residents with their daily essential needs such as feeding, showering, and dressing.

“I found the first few weeks on the job challenging as I had to be very patient and observant in understanding the different needs and preferences of each resident. Afterall, I can only provide them with the care and comfort they need, if I familiarise myself with their needs.  Through the years, I have become more empathetic and patient,” she explained.

Christine found joy in caring for the residents and seeing them in good health. 

“I enjoy forging friendships with my residents. I wake up with positive energy daily because my friends are waiting for me to care for them. Though I am far away from my own family, I can see the most sincere smiles of our residents every day. Their smiles brighten my day,” she shared.

Christine also finds the time spent with her colleagues very rewarding, as she is “still learning a lot” from them, despite having “worked here for years”.

Having been away from her family, she misses her parents, in-laws, siblings, nieces and nephews back home. Especially her husband who is also working abroad and hasn't seen him for almost 2 years now. She is concerned about their safety amid the pandemic. To cope, she prays and thinks positive. 

“Besides calling my parents and socialising with my colleagues, I do my best to take care of the residents at RCHD as they are like my family members,” she shared. 

In commemoration of Nurses Day on 1 August, Christine Joy has this message to share: “We all have unique skills. What makes us all special is the care we give to those who rely on our patience and time. We do our best for the patients who depend on us everyday. That shows the invaluable contribution of nurses.”

She recommends people to join RCHD, “You will find both friendship and family at RCHD. The residents need someone with not only good technical skills but also someone who is empathetic, caring, and compassionate.”