World Red Cross Day: Smile!

Each year, millions of Red Crossers around the world reach more than 170 million vulnerable people, through a diverse and innovative range of services.

Every 8th of May, on World Red Cross Day, we celebrate these incredible contribution and achievements, as we fulfill our commitment to humanity every day.

To highlight the diversity of our work and the universality of our approach, we’ll be using a simple call to action to share one of the most universal symbols – a smile. 

For a volunteer, it means a job well done. For someone affected by crisis, it can mean someone is ready and willing to help. We want to harness the power of this symbol to celebrate the dedication and impact of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, and their volunteers and staff.

Celebrate the lifesaving work of millions of volunteers around the world. Show your support by

  • changing your profile picture:
  • replying to this tweet and tag a #RedCross volunteer / friend / colleague who made you smile
  • liking the posts by our colleagues Michelle, July, Christabelle, Haikel, Selene, Patricia, Charis and youth leader Zaidi who will be taking over our Instagram this week
  • sharing new videos of our colleagues and volunteers Fion, Glynn, Charis, Tracy, Jamal and Perumal over Facebook this week
  • watching brand new videos of volunteers Irene, Iskandar, Nenly and beneficiaries Ruhana and Safri over our YouTube channel 

We will be on-air, so be sure to tune in to

  • Warna 94.2FM, 7-10 May 9am for interviews with Sudirman, Aidil and Marlini 
  • Capital 95.8FM, 7 May 9.30am for a chat with Hui Ting and Keen May, and
  • Money FM 89.3, 8 May 5.15pm to hear insights from our Sec Gen

Happy World Red Cross!