Drops of Life: A LoveSingapore Blood Donation Drive

Did you know, only 1.8% of Singapore gives blood? Will that be sufficient to support our nation in peacetime and emergencies as our population ages and the pool of eligible donors decrease? In view of our ageing population, global terrorism and threat of new and existing diseases, LoveSingapore, a network of churches, has been moved to improve that statistic by mobilising the Christian community in Singapore.

With that motivation, Drops of Life began in 2016 – an annual blood donation drive by LoveSingapore held over the Good Friday and Easter period. However, it doesn’t just stop at one drive. Churches in the LoveSingapore network continue to support the National Blood Programme by organising regular blood drives and influencing family, friends, neighbours and colleagues in their circle to donate blood.

Drops of Life is a Christian initiative (a united church effort) open to all who love Singapore — regardless of race or religion. If you would like to donate blood, find your nearest blood bank or blood drive here. You can also make an appointment to donate as part of LoveSingapore’s initiative (please quote group code L1000) here.