Connecting Hearts — A Lifeline for the Elderly

The Department of Statistics estimated that 83,000 elderly persons will be living alone by 2030; almost double from the 47,000 seniors living alone in 2016. Many seniors who live alone have little or no social support, exacerbating their isolation and loneliness; major risk factors that have been linked to poor physical and mental health.

At ElderAid, we believe that every senior deserves a thriving and fulfilling life, regardless of their living situations. Our approach focuses on breaking the cycle of isolation by delivering tailored and holistic care that addresses the functional and social needs of the elderly. Our goal is to increase social mobility, facilitate integration into the broader community, and encourage meaningful contributions to society. By embracing our services, the elderly can discover a newfound zest for life while fostering a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

Customised Care is offered to seniors above 60 years old via our GOLDD approach:

Get-togethers and chit-chats with befrienders
Outings for fun and leisure
Lifelong learning with hands-on activities
Directing their needs to social services and Singapore Red Cross programmes
Distribution of customised care packs 

Our community befrienders are mobilised when seniors are distressed or injured. They also help seniors with household chores and running errands, and take the seniors out for social activities with other seniors. These collective efforts keep seniors mentally and socially active, which contributes positively to community ageing in-place.

By bridging the gap between isolated seniors and the community, we provide seniors with the support and companionship they need to lead happy and healthy lives.

Trained in Befriending, Standard First Aid, and Psychological First Aid, our dedicated community befrienders visit our seniors fortnightly; providing them with the precious gift of friendship, and a listening ear. Volunteers also assist in distributing our customised  care packages, carefully curated to meet specific needs and preferences. They consist of two essential categories: medical supplies and food. Our objective is to provide the elderly with well-tailored care packages that contain all the necessary amenities and supplies for their well-being, allowing them to feel secure and cared for without any concerns.

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Become a befriender

Mdm Lim Gee Lew and befriender

After 57 years of marriage, Mdm Lim Gee Lew's husband, Mr Chen, was diagnosed with dementia in 2020. He sustained a brain haemorrhage following a fall in February 2021. After his recovery from the hospital, her husband was transferred to a nursing home. Mdm Lim was referred to the Singapore Red Cross’ ElderAid programme through Changi General Hospital in 2021.  

“I appreciate Florence and Sufiyyah for checking in on me frequently, and for bringing me to Kampung Senang for activities and haircuts. Once, Florence noticed that I needed some items and she included them in my customised care package. I was very thankful. SRC has been very good to me. I feel less lonely now that I have someone to talk to,” said Mdm Lim.

Jamuna, community befriender


After her husband's passing in 1996, Mdm Nelly took up line dancing for more than 10 years. She also enjoys sewing patchwork on blankets and piano covers, gifting these to her friends at the Senior Activity Centre at her block. Now she uses a wheelchair to move around, Mdm Nelly laments that she can no longer dance and sew as quickly as she once did. 

From 2020 until now, Jamuna Kumaresan Gomathi and her husband have been visiting and calling Nelly regularly. The two women have developed a heartwarming friendship. Jamuna loves listening to Mdm Nelly’s interesting life stories. Even though Mdm Nelly’s memory is fading, she has not forgotten Jamuna. The moment she hears Jamuna’s voice or sees her face, she lights up.

“I know you! I know your sweet voice! I’m so glad you are here. I have been talking to the wall while you were away! (Towards the end of the meeting) When will you visit me again?" said Nelly to Jamuna.