Young Hearts

Paving the way for lasting change, one young heart at a time.”

The Young Hearts programme fosters self-reliance and empowers Children and Young Persons (CYPs) living in public rental housing by providing them with access to out-of-reach opportunities. 

The programme plays a vital role in nurturing the holistic development of these young individuals through the creation of resources and opportunities, as well as guidance from positive role models. In the long-run, we hope to strengthen their cognitive abilities and self-awareness, and instill an intrinsic motivation to do better in life.

Additionally, we promote a 'pay-it-forward' approach, encouraging our Young Hearts to give back to the community by engaging in meaningful volunteer work.

By embedding ourselves in the community for the long term, our dedicated team of employees and volunteers build trust and forge meaningful relationships with every CYP in the programme. This cultivates a positive perspective while dispelling notions that their potential may be hindered due to their circumstances. By instilling confidence in their abilities and highlighting the range of opportunities available to them, we work towards staving off limited mindsets, and pave the way for them to become dynamic and socially-conscious members of the community. 

Our mission is accomplished through the provision of our multi-pronged strategy: Education, Enrichment, and Excursions, provided within a safe and supportive Environment. 

The 3 Es in Action


Open throughout the week, our main centre at Yishun offers free tuition to Primary School students. To address the unique learning needs of our students, our curriculum and content are curated based on a general framework established by our tutors. CYPs from the community, particularly those referred by Social Service Agencies, are also welcome to join the Young Hearts programme should they require academic support. We also provide a multitude of resources, such as assessment books and reading materials, to supplement their learning. 

The invaluable support from the diverse group of staff, volunteers, and partner organisations has contributed to the successful operation of our centre. The dedication of our mentors and tutors has established them as consistent and trustworthy figures in their students’ educational and personal development. This commitment enables Young Hearts to foster hope, discipline, and resilience among the children and youth we serve. 


To foster curiosity beyond the classroom, we co-create programmes with partners from the Public, People and Private (3P) sectors in the areas of Sports and Wellness, Digital Literacy and Science.

Some of our partners include:

  • SportsSG (SportsCares)
  • Tertiary institutions such as NUS
  • Closetful of Books and kidsREAD
  • KidsExcel


To enable our Young Hearts to engage with peers and the community, the Young Hearts programme regularly hosts excursions to distinctive places of interest . 

Some of these outings are also focused on learning and discovery to broaden the horizons of our students; and guide them in applying the knowledge and skills they have learnt in class to real-world contexts, while inspiring them to think outside the box.

Justina, Young Hearts volunteer tutor

“Education is one of the most important things we can give to a child. Young Hearts provides a platform for me to help children enjoy learning from a young age. This can easily ripple into something major in the future. Watching them learn and grow every week motivates me to give my best in all that I do. I will continue volunteering because there is still a lot I can learn from this experience. What you do makes a difference, not just to the lives of others, but also to your own.” 

Justina Tan Hui Ru, Head Volunteer Tutor

Fazil, Young Hearts volunteer tutor


“Having someone they can look up to makes a world of difference to them. They let their guard down and trust you to help them learn. We not only provide education, more importantly, we also strive to provide a familiar environment where they feel cared for and valued. Coming to the programme is not merely about learning, we also provide enriching experiences. We do our best to help them realise their full potential. We want to take the load off their shoulders so they can be themselves - children. It is our responsibility as a society to prevent them from going down the wrong path in life.”

Shiek Abdullah Mohamed Fazil, Volunteer Tutor and former Red Cross Youth-Chapter member 


Janis, Young Hearts volunteer tutor

“These children may be placed in an unjust situation due to external circumstances. However, they still deserve the same opportunities to progress. As volunteers, it is our privilege to help these children with their studies and be there for them. When we volunteered regularly and demonstrated that we genuinely cared for them, they gradually opened up. The children started remembering our names and calling us. They would share how their day went, or something new they learnt in school. The children treated us as their friend and genuinely wanted to share their lives with us. It is definitely rewarding when you see the children benefiting academically through one-on-one tuition. If you love children, come down every weeknight and take a look at how the programme is run. The staff and volunteers have a genuine heart for the children. The volunteers can respond to your queries. Interact with the children and see how lovable they are!"

Janis Lim, Volunteer Tutor

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