Fauzia Amalia


Fauzia Amalia, 24, works in the Singapore Red Cross’ (SRC) International Services (IS) team, that oversees the Society’s international disaster relief, recovery and rebuilding. Besides the coordination of humanitarian aid, water and sanitation, healthcare and psychosocial support for disaster-stricken communities, her team manages capacity building and volunteer training, as well as ‘Restoring Family Links’ - reuniting families separated by disasters or armed conflicts. 

The New Normal

Smiling through the video interview, Fauzia recounted how she has adapted to the pandemic. She was dialling-in from her office at Red Cross House, where she spends a few days each week because of staggered work arrangements.

SRC established a Centre of Excellence for Pandemic Preparedness for the Red Cross Movement, to coordinate humanitarian and relief efforts during pandemic such as COVID-19. Her job scope has extended to pre-disaster preparations, where she educates and prepares communities for future pandemics. In the past months, she delivered online lectures to enable stakeholders to better understand the pandemic and build business continuity plans.

She organised the provision of surgical masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) to countries in the region. She navigated logistical challenges despite lockdowns, hunted down flights to deliver these essential supplies, and kept up-to-date with the customs requirements across different countries.

The Journey

Fresh out of school, Fauzia joined SRC as an intern with the International Services department in January 2019 as she felt that the seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement resonated deeply with her. She believes in actively reaching out to the vulnerable, regardless of race, language and religion. 

Since she joined SRC, Fauzia has been deployed to missions in Lombok, Palu, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. She is proud to fulfill her career aspirations by meeting with and helping people from diverse backgrounds. 

In her two years with the Red Cross, Fauzia has built up a wealth of knowledge on the needs of overseas communities, and on disaster management. She has since become a full-time employee with SRC.

“The most important thing I learnt is to be thorough with the planning and coordination. Not doing so can mean more harm than good in disaster situations,” said Fauzia.

She is grateful for the training she has received, and the spirited discussions with her colleagues at simulations. 

She recounted the time she had accompanied a foreign domestic worker who was repatriated to her home country, as one of her most rewarding. It was her first mission, one month after joining the Red Cross. 

She explained, “The entire village came to greet her. Seeing her reunite with her family touched me. It felt good to know that we played a part in giving her a new lease of life, with the people whom she loves.”

Such moments move and motivate her, as she works to overcome the day-to-day challenges of cultural barriers or differences in expectations and priorities.

Being part of something bigger

Throughout her career with the SRC, Fauzia has been in awe at the expansiveness of the global Red Cross Movement. 

She shares, “I have seen many people at the Red Cross dedicating lifetimes and efforts to the humanitarian cause. It is amazing to feel that collective sense of belonging to the Red Cross family, whenever I meet someone new. I continue to feel inspired by what the Red Cross stands for, and by the volunteers, colleagues and beneficiaries I have met and worked, with all over the world.”

“If you genuinely want to make a difference, this is the place for you,” Fauzia adds.

By Swe Sin Tha, Volunteer

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