Significance of International Humanitarian Law in Mitigating Civilian Harm in Conflicts

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) plays a role on the international stage by bridging key global actors who work on humanitarian issues confronting our world.

On 13 May, SRC convened a Panel of Government Advisors (PGA) session to discuss the ongoing global and regional conflicts, particularly Myanmar and Gaza. The robust discussion incorporated perspectives of humanitarian practitioners and the future outlook. Experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) spoke to 30 participants comprising PGA members and other key partners from government bodies.

Besides the PGA session, the SRC also organised the annual International Humanitarian Law (IHL) roundtable that afternoon, attended by various organisations, government agencies, universities, think tanks and the SRC community. The discussion accentuated the integral role IHL plays in ensuring humanitarian access and mitigating civilian harm in conflicts and humanitarian crises worldwide. This is timely and apt, given the ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crises taking place worldwide, and the severe challenges confronting the humanitarian community. 

We greatly appreciate the invaluable insights shared and look forward to continuing our collaboration to tackle these global challenges effectively.