Youth Humanitarian Leadership Camp 2018

Singapore Red Cross Academy (SRCA) organises Youth Humanitarian Leadership Camp (YHLC) for youth between 15-17 years annually. This initiative aims to inspire youth to embrace humanity and advocate social change. It is also an avenue for the youth to explore their interest in lifelong learning and the Red Cross Movement

YHLC 2018 was powered by National Youth Council Singapore in support of Singapore Red Cross’ goal of grooming humanitarian leaders of tomorrow. 


This year’s camp incorporated a combination of lectures, role plays, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and team building exercises that were intricately woven to inculcate specific values and competencies.

The exercises not only strengthened the participants’ physical readiness but also sharpened their mental fortitude.

They were exposed to the current humanitarian landscape, the issues and challenges faced by the social work sector, and the work of the Red Cross Movement.

Topics covered in Day 1 included the Introduction to Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement, Seven Fundamental Principles of Humanitarian Action, and some modules on Empathy from the Youths As Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC) curriculum. The youth were also trained in Lifesaving and Evacuation.

Day 2 of the camp focused more on helping the participants discover their personal strengths and leadership aptitude. The session entitled ‘Being a Humanitarian Leader’ enabled the participants to develop a better understanding of their civic responsibility and their role in society. They discussed some local and international social issues, and brainstormed possible ways the youth can promote change.

Another exciting feature of this year’s camp was the visit to different social organisations. Divided into smaller groups, some participants went to Credit Counselling Singapore, some to Red Cross Home for the Disabled, and others to MindCare, and Home for Migrant Workers.

“The Red Cross Youth Humanitarian Leadership  Camp was an unforgettable experience. We had many learning points on first aid and survival techniques. The visit to social organisations increased our awareness about the social issues our community faces.

I strongly recommend this to other youth,” Faith Andreali Bunoan, 16, this year’s recipient of the ‘Medal of Unity’ Award said.


The highlight of the camp was the session on Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) delivered by Head of SRCA, Ms Faiszah Binte Abdul Hamid, on Day 3. This session acquainted the students with the basic tenets of International Humanitarian Law, the importance of these rules, and the various humanitarian issues involved in conflict situations.

Taking this session to a higher level was the RAID CROSS exercise, a role-playing simulation activity designed by the French and Belgian Red Cross to help students fully develop an understanding and respect for International Humanitarian Law, how it aims to protect life and human dignity during armed conflicts and how it acts to mitigate and prevent destruction resulting from war. 

As the lecture concluded, a team of armed men emerged, banging against the classroom doors of the campsite while firing continuous gunshots. They held the campers captive - simulating a real heart-thumping war scene. They were then briefed and grouped into four different stations which challenged their knowledge gained from the camp’s first two days.

The First Aid Station put to the test the campers’ first aid knowledge; Sniper Station tried their evacuation techniques and their ability to withstand obstacles; Minefield Station challenged their communication and teamwork capabilities while the Military HQ Station tested their IHL & debating skills.


Before the camp finally came to a close, the participants expressed their thoughts and feelings about their YHLC 2018 experience. Some highlighted the first aid and survival skills as their key takeaway. Others asserted their realisation on how unity creates a significant impact on the community.

While everyone received their Certificate of YHLC Completion, Ms Faiszah Binte Abdul Hamid awarded seven students who stood out in portraying the 7 Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement.

Ana Cerise Das Chagas E Silva

 (Medal of Humanity)

Joshi Gargi Sudhir

 (Medal of Impartiality)

Bhairavi Chandran

 (Medal of Neutrality)

Faith Andreali Bunoan

 (Medal of Unity)

Yap Jing Yi

 (Medal of Independence)

Krish Mantoo

 (Medal of Universality)

Yasmin Nur Shamsudin

 (Medal of Voluntary Service)