Yes, blood donation is an ESSENTIAL service!
(Source: Ministry of Health, 4 April 2020) 

All our blood banks will remain open from 7 April to 1 June 2020 even as Singapore implements elevated safe distancing measures. Blood donation is an essential service and the need for blood products never stops.

We strongly urge donors who are healthy and eligible to come to our blood banks to continue donating blood. To shorten your time spent at the blood bank, we encourage you to make an appointment before coming.

For those who have answered our call for blood donation during the current situation, we would like to say a big thank you for your selfless contribution. We look forward to seeing you again in three months’ time. In the meantime, stay safe and united – we will see this through together!


To ensure that all blood donation sites remain a safe environment for all, we have put in place these precautionary measures:

  • Check in and out using SafeEntry
  • Mandatory temperature checks and health screening, including:
    • No fever in the past 28 days
    • No respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, runny nose) in the last 7 days
    • No overseas travel in the past 21 days
    • No contact with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 patients
  • Active crowd management and strict safe distancing measures aligned with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines
  • Increased frequency of cleaning at our blood banks and all staff will be required to wear a mask for the safety of all blood donors.
  • Only donors are allowed to enter the blood banks

As blood has a short shelf life (6 weeks for red cells and 5 days for platelets), we urge donors to donate at regular intervals to help us ensure a constant supply of safe blood.

Please make an appointment with us (SingPass needed) so we can regulate the flow of donors at our blood banks. For enquiries, call us at 6220 0183You can check out the opening hours of the blood banks before heading down.

Check your eligibility using Health Sciences Authority self-help tool or email us for all enquiries.

Mobile drives

Precautionary measures will also be strictly adhered to at our Community Blood Drives. We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment by calling us to book a timeslot.

[In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we will be implementing crowd control measures at the blood donation venue, including staggering entry into the venue as necessary. We seek your patience and understanding on this matter.

Donors with appointments will be given priority and we will do our best to attend to you at your time slot.

For donors who walk in, additional waiting time is expected as priority will be given to donors who have made appointments. In the event of overwhelming response, we seek your understanding as we may not be able to accept walk ins due to safe distancing measures.]

UPDATE The blood bank has implemented a new blood donation eligibility guideline for donors who received the COVID-19 vaccine. Please click here for more information.

We are moving! Click here to check out our mobile drives!


Q: Is there a blood shortage at the moment?
A: Blood collection in the first week of the circuit breaker period dipped to less than a quarter of usual levels. This drop will lead to blood stocks falling far below the daily amount required to supply transfusion needs from surgeries, general medicine, and accident and emergency cases (source:

400 bags of blood are needed every day. As blood has a short shelf life (6 weeks for red cells and 5 days for platelets), eligible blood donors are needed daily to ensure a constant supply of safe blood.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment? Or can I still walk in?
A: To shorten your waiting time and to help us ensure adequate safe distancing at our blood donation sites, we advise all donors to make an appointment before coming in.

Q: What if I need to show proof to my employer that I’m going to the blood bank to donate blood?
Donors are advised to make an appointment beforehand to help ensure adequate safe distancing at our blood banks. Donors who require an attendance chit may contact us for further information.

Q: I would like to donate blood but the nearest blood bank is far from where I live. How can I donate?
We are currently working with several community partners to bring blood donation closer to you. Please check our page for regular updates on community blood drives taking place near you.

In addition, blood donation is considered an essential service and all healthy and eligible individuals are encouraged to continue donating blood during this period 

Q: I would like to help. How can I do so?
Please come and donate. If you got a space, please contact us. Help us spread the word on blood donation.

Q: Can I still come with my friends to give blood together?
A: In keeping with current safe distancing measures, we advise donors to make appointments to give blood individually online.

If you are planning to donate at a Community Blood Drive, please call us during this period.

Do note that non-donors will not be permitted to enter our donation sites.

Q: I need to bring my kids along for donation. Will that be okay?
A: For donors with young children that require supervision, we advise that you postpone your donation to a later date.

Q: I am an essential worker. Can I still donate blood?
A: You can donate blood so long as you have not had any close contact with a person who has been diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Q: Is blood donation safe during this period?
A: To safeguard donors’ health and wellbeing, all blood donation sites have implemented the following precautionary measures:

  • Mandatory temperature checks and pre-screening for all donors. All non-donors or persons who are unwell, with risk of exposure to COVID-19 or who have travelled overseas recently will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  • Active crowd management and strict safe distancing measures, including spaced-out seating arrangements and donation beds, and staggered entry for donors as necessary
  • Increased frequency of cleaning at our blood banks.

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