Uniformed Groups

In primary and secondary schools, Red Cross Youth is a co-curricular activity (CCA) that integrates character-building, leadership, essential life saving skills and blood donation knowledge, local community service and overseas humanitarian projects in its curriculum, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity as a core focus.

It brings out the best of our Links (Primary school units), Cadets (Secondary school units) and Chapter (Tertiary) members – and to prepare them for leadership in their families and communities. This is in line with the Ministry of Education’s approach of developing 21st Century competencies among the youths, focusing on character and citizenship education.

7 Hard Skills Learning for Uniformed Groups

Red Cross Youth (RCY) strives to instil the Red Cross Youth spirit and strengthen core values such as compassion, passion and professionalism in all members. By participating in providing Singapore Red Cross humanitarian services, Red Cross Youths are groomed to become good citizens with a strong sense of civic responsibility. They are trained to be adaptable, resilient and confident team players.

First Aid

Credible first aiders
Through First Aid, our youths learn various life saving techniques for common injuries in school and at home. They are also exposed to saving casualties in teams under tight time limits to strengthen their collaborative skills when working under pressure.

Disaster Management
Emergency-ready leaders
Through Disaster Management, our youths master the art of reducing various risks within their community in the event of local emergencies such as fire, haze, epidemics and terrorism. They learn a plethora of casualty transportation techniques to prepare themselves to help grassroots in their communities during potential disasters.

Red Cross Knowledge
Ambassadors within the community
Through Red Cross Knowledge, our youths embrace the Seven Fundamental Principles of the worldwide Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and gain a better understanding of the various local humanitarian services by the Singapore Red Cross.

Youth Ambassadors’ Blood Programme
Effective blood ambassadors
Through the Youth Ambassador’s Blood Programme, our youths are exposed to the importance of blood donation in Singapore and are empowered with various skills and knowledge to recruit blood donors within their community. As seniors, they are entrusted to plan and execute blood donation awareness campaigns in their communities and volunteer at blood banks to create positive donor experiences to recruit, retain and recognize donors as part of the National Blood Programme.

Youth Leadership
Capable humanitarians who lead and serve
Through Youth Leadership, our youths understand the importance of energizing their team members through the cultures of care, learning and excellence as they lead them towards humanitarian causes. Based on the Leadership Challenge Model by Kouzes and Posner, we make leadership accessible to all youths and strengthen the belief that leadership is for everyone.

Service Learning
Active contributors to our communities
Through Service Learning, our youths appreciate the importance of learning before serving. They are exposed to 3 types of local services as juniors, namely home visits under the CLARE programme, first aid duties in schools and Red Cross fund raising awareness campaigns. As seniors, they are entrusted to lead juniors in these projects.

Responsible and resilient team players
Through Footdrill, our youths become more disciplined and understand the importance of camaraderie when they are part of any team.

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