Ambrose Lee


Ambrose Lee is an inspiration to all. His journey with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) started when he attended the Red Cross Youth's (RCY) Assistant Cadet Officer Course. It has been 18 years, and his roles within the society have been, and continue to be diverse and wide; from first joining the Red Cross Youth as a Volunteer Instructor to joining the Singapore Red Cross Academy as a First Aid Instructor. He has since climbed up the ranks to head the Centre of First Aid and Life Support. He is also a blood donor!

Ambrose Lee grew up surrounded by a family that volunteers.  His grandparents and parents are active volunteers at school and church communities. His father, who volunteered as much as he could as a churchwarden, was someone who saw the good in everyone and believed in giving people second chances. The apple never falls far from the tree, and like his father, Ambrose believes in the good of people and serves them selflessly. 

Volunteering with the Red Cross Youth

Ambrose first participated in Red Cross Youth's (RCY) Assistant Cadet Officer Course, in December 2003.

At RCY, he is a Volunteer-Instructor at various secondary schools such as Coral Secondary School, Tanjong Katong Secondary School and Broadrick Secondary School (where he still serves). As a VI, he spends his time planning and organising projects, and events – ranging from experiential learning to sharing of skills and knowledge with new members of RCY - Links, Cadets, and Youth Officers. He also championed setting up the RCY Chapter at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2005. 

He was given the honour of representing RCY as SRC's Flag Bearer at the opening ceremony of the Singapore Youth Festival 2006. 

“It was one of the most memorable moments in RCY. The feeling was indescribable when I saw the flag unfurling as I was marching," he shares.

Ambrose still serves as an active volunteer with RCY and vows to continue doing so. Looking back on his 18 year-journey, he is deeply appreciative of all the people who have crossed his path. 

“I am thankful that we have accomplished so much. I am grateful to my mentors and colleagues for providing me with many opportunities to pay it forward to those working with me,” he says. 

Enhancing Community Resilience

The Great Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 led Ambrose to train as an SRC Emergency Responder for local crises and emergencies. It has emphasised to Ambrose the importance of community resilience, and the need to be prepared for crises and emergencies. Apart from being an Emergency Responder, Ambrose is also a blood donor who has donated blood at least 23 times! 

Ambrose’s zeal to train and develop people and his passion to serve the community led him to a full-time career with the Singapore Red Cross Academy's (SRCA). From being a First Aid Instructor in 2014 he is now SRCA's Head for the Centre of First Aid and Life Support. 

SRCA conducts a wide range of standard and specialised First Aid courses for volunteers and the community, teaching them to respond to emergencies, at home and abroad. 

According to Ambrose, “Good role model instructors are vital to the sector, and the way to do that is through Instructor Courses and Train-The-Trainer Courses.” 

“It is rewarding to see positive comments and ratings for our instructors on Facebook and Google. Besides reaffirming our belief that we are doing our utmost, the positive comments also provide employees with the motivation to work tirelessly behind the scenes,” he says.

However, it was not all smooth-sailing throughout the years. 

Safety and distancing measures that came with the Covid-19 pandemic have presented tremendous challenges to Ambrose and his team. The cancellation of courses and training meant that trainers and instructors had to survive with little to no income. In addition, extra precautions the Academy had to take to stave off the spread of Covid-19 took its toll on them.

“But with the help of stakeholders, we managed to continue our good work by offering training to the public. Our trainers and department employees exposed themselves to the risk of Covid-19 daily. But I am thankful that all of them took it in stride, working diligently to mitigate the risks and spread of the virus,” says Ambrose. 

Ambrose has witnessed the Academy grow from strength to strength. Under the guidance and support of the former Head of SRCA, SRCA acquired many new accreditations that set a benchmark for other National Societies to learn from. They’ve continued expanding with Ambrose at the helm, with Westgate Tower being its most recent.

Ambrose hopes that they can continue to train as many people as possible in the community so that everyone within a neighbourhood can respond to emergencies effectively when the need arises.


Working at SRC has not just been rewarding for Ambrose professionally, it is also where Ambrose would fall in love. 

“We first met in 2015. She was with RCY's Unit Officer's Programme as a secondary school teacher. I trained her then. Nothing happened though, and we went our separate ways. A year later, we chanced upon each other's profiles on a dating app.” 

The rest, as they say, was history. The pair got married three years later and have recently built a new home together.

Ambrose is thankful to have found someone who shares the same set of values and beliefs. 

“There were times I sacrificed my weekends to conduct training and events. As an RCY volunteer, she understands the importance of developing my juniors and supporting them. I am truly appreciative of her support.” 

Paying It Forward

Ambrose urges more people to “volunteer, donate blood or money as a donor to help our cause and learn skills to save lives as a trained responder by applying skills during emergencies.” 

For those aspiring to a career with the SRC, Ambrose says that to successfully pursue a career in the humanitarian sector, one must remember the word "TEE".

And he tells us why: “Akin to a golf ball being hit off a golf tee, a strong support foundation of trustworthiness, empowerment and empathy are indispensable!” 

By Yatin Pawa, Volunteer
Copyedited by Heidi Boon, Volunteer

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