Sustainable Kids Market Fundraises for the Young Hearts Programme

Held at the Marina Square Foyer on 25 & 26 May, the Sustainable Kids Market featured KIDSforKIDS-preneurs, Mini Makers Workshops, KIDSforKIDS Musical Showcase, Art Auction & Exhibition, and Brands with Heart. Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth graced the event as the Guest-of-Honour.

Presented by Peace of Art (POA), and spearheaded by Mrs Eunice Yeo, the Sustainable Kids Market fundraised for the children of the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) Young Hearts Programme. These children come from vulnerable families in straitened circumstances. The Young Hearts programme aims to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by providing education, enrichment and mentorship. 

The Sustainable Kids Market served as a platform for collective effort, with countless hands contributing numerous hours to achieve the heartfelt goal of helping those in need.

Art Auction & Exhibition

Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 2024 1

The Art Auction and Exhibition featured art pieces by talented artists and calligraphy pieces by the talented students of Broadrick Secondary. The auction also showcased “Ocean of Hope” by POA, a captivating series of four stunning art pieces inspired by coral reefs. These artworks showcase the labour of love of numerous individuals who meticulously crafted the artwork leveraging bio-resin, discarded toys, wood remnants and shattered glass. This collection symbolises the vibrancy, resilience and vulnerability of underprivileged children. Akin to reefs sustaining marine life, supporting these children fosters growth and renewal, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

The auction is on till 16 June. Find out more about the art pieces and auction here.


Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 2024 2

Visitors checked out the sustainable creations of aspiring KIDS-preneurs who leverage their creativity and young entrepreneurial minds to sell items such as pressed flower bookmarks, apparel, toys, plants, apparel, and clay art.

Mini Makers Workshops

Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 2024 3

Children unleashed their creativity and repurposed objects, giving them a second lease of life at enriching and immersive kids' workshops centered around sustainability. The workshops focused on diverse passions from creating keychains, weaving and crocheting, designing greeting cards from trash, building sensory bottles and more. These workshops inspire children to embrace eco-consciousness in their lives. 

KIDSforKIDS Musical Showcase

Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 2024 4

Children from various schools, dance studios and music academies also performed, enthralling visitors with their musical talents, agility, and dexterous dance moves. These performances injected vibrance into the event, creating a lively and engaging ambience for the audience and visitors.

Brands with Heart

Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 2024 5

There was a galore of lifestyle products within the Brands with Heart section! Those keen on lifestyle or home products explored the kaleidoscope of apparel, tote bags, face painting, handcrafted vegan toiletries and more.

There were also delectable treats that whet everyone’s appetites! Homemade cookies, muffins, tiramisu, and tasty bakes were on sale at the Sustainable Kids Market.

Uplifting the Lives of Children

Sustainable Kids Market exemplified the power of humanity. Children banded together for the common cause of sustainable living and uplifting the lives of the children and young persons whom the Singapore Red Cross' Young Hearts programme serves. 

The Singapore Red Cross expresses its heartfelt appreciation to Mrs Eunice Yeo of Peace of Art for spearheading the Sustainable Kids Market, and gratitude to all the stallholders, performers and supporters for their invaluable support in brightening the lives of children from disadvantaged families.

Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 6

Singapore Red Cross x Sustainable Kids Market 7

Photos by Lai Wei Song and James Tan, volunteer photographers

The Young Hearts Programme

The Young Hearts programme fosters self-reliance and empowers Children and Young Persons (CYPs) from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them access to out-of-reach opportunities. 

The programme plays a vital role in nurturing the holistic development of these young individuals through the creation of resources and opportunities, as well as guidance from positive role models. In the long run, the Young Hearts programme amplifies their cognitive abilities and self-awareness while instilling an intrinsic motivation to do better. Additionally, the children and youth are encouraged to give back to the community by engaging in meaningful volunteer work.

The dedicated team of employees and volunteers builds trust and forges meaningful relationships with every CYP in the programme. This cultivates a positive perspective while dispelling notions that their potential may be hindered due to their circumstances. By instilling confidence in their abilities and highlighting the range of opportunities available to them, we work towards staving off limited mindsets and pave the way for them to become dynamic and socially conscious members of the community. 

The Young Hearts programme embraces a multi-pronged strategy: Education, Enrichment, and Excursions, provided within a safe and supportive Environment.