Important Fund Raising Notice

Issued on 22 March 2013

The Singapore Red Cross has received notifications on several cases of individuals claiming to be volunteers and soliciting donations on behalf of the Singapore Red Cross. They carry falsified documents and collaterals that bear the Singapore Red Cross logo along with fake fund raising licenses. We would like to state that these are not endorsed by the Singapore Red Cross.

The Singapore Red Cross currently has no public appeal or fundraising activities that entail door-to-door solicitation of donations. If you come across any door-to-door and/or street solicitations in our name, please do not make a donation, but report it to the Police or call us at 6664 0500.

The Singapore Red Cross has made a police report and the authorities are investigating the matter. Should they be found infringing the law and/or our branding, they will be prosecuted.

Charitable organisations that are licensed to solicit funds in public would be granted a Collector’s Certificate of Authority from the National Council of Social Service. Fundraisers of the organisation will have to carry a copy of this certificate or a copy of the police permit. If you are approached by an individual or group claiming to be soliciting funds for a charitable purpose, you can seek verification of the fundraiser’s identity and authenticity of the fundraising project by requesting for these documents.