Health Science Authority and Singapore Red Cross Launch "DonateBlood" – The First All-in-One Mobile App for Blood Donors in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 - The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) have jointly launched the nation’s first DonateBlood mobile app. This is part of the National Blood Programme’s digital initiatives to improve blood donors’ experience by making the blood donation process more convenient. The DonateBlood app was created as a companion app for blood donors, to allow them to conveniently perform blood donation-related actions anytime and anywhere with their mobile phone.

2      Donors can now easily retrieve information and access the following services using SingPass:

  • My Donation Appointment
  • Donation History (including their milestones, total number of donations)
  • Update My Particulars
  • Health Assessment Form
  • Digital Donor Card

Other features include:

  • Locate a blood bank
  • Educational articles on blood donation
  • News and events

3      To ensure that the app has all the features that blood donors would find useful, HSA and SRC gathered blood donors’ feedback and inputs on the user experience (UX) via focus group discussions during the app development phase. HSA will continue to gather user feedback after the launch to further enhance and improve the app.

4      Dr Ang Ai Leen, Group Director of HSA’s Blood Services Group, shared, “We are thankful for the constant support of blood donors and wanted to make blood donation even more convenient. With the launch of this all-in-one DonateBlood app, we hope new donors will find it easier to become a blood donor and for existing donors to donate more regularly.”

5      Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General and CEO of the Singapore Red Cross, added, “The DonateBlood app is part of our ongoing efforts to engage the community and to improve our blood donors’ experience. By empowering donors with information at their fingertips, we hope to see more healthy individuals, especially youth, make blood donation a part of their lifestyles and galvanise their peers to support this lifesaving cause.”

6      Currently, only 1.8% of Singapore’s residential population are blood donors. Among blood donors, only about 40% donate at least twice a year. Regular blood donations are crucial to ensure a steady blood supply to support the nation’s blood transfusion needs. HSA urges healthy blood donors to continue making regular blood donation a priority and to make an appointment today using the DonateBlood app.

7      DonateBlood app is available for both iOS and Android phone users on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from today.

Screenshots of the DonateBlood app