What is HoME+

  • Home Monitoring and Eldercare (HoME+) is a home monitoring system using motion and other non-intrusive sensing equipment placed around the home
  • If there is any inactivity or when the user activates the panic button, the call centre will be alerted to check if the user requires assistance
  • Depending on the situation, trained community responders from the Singapore Red Cross (for non-emergency) or the SCDF (for emergencies) will be activated to provide assistance
  • HoME+ is not a fall detector

HoME+ can be of great help to:

  • Seniors living alone 
  • Post-surgery patients
  • Wheelchair users
  • Seniors living with children who are often away from home

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What is included in the HoME+ Services?

  • Community responders on standby 24/7
  • 24/7 monitoring solution (no CCTVs)
  • Inactivity monitoring
  • Panic buttons 
  • Monitoring app for caregiver or next of kin

 Please fill up this form if you would like a HoME+ staff to contact you with more information.

What will be installed in the home?

  • Mini Gateway (wifi required)
  • 4 x Motion Sensors (kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom)
  • Door Sensor (placed on the main door only)
  • Proximity Keyfob (attached to the house keys)
  • Portable Panic Button
  • Wall-mounted Panic Button (placed in the bedroom)

(Hacking or drilling is not required to install HoME+. Additional sensors may be required.)

SRC HoME Devices 2024

A WhatsApp group will be created for caregivers/next of kin to download the monitoring app, who will then be able to receive notifications, as HoME+ is a 100% non-intrusive system.

Eligibility and Suitability:

HoME+ may not be suitable for individuals with mental health issues such as severe dementia, psychosomatic issues or schizophrenia.

Charges for HoME+:

  • The month subscription fee is $48
  • There is no additional installation fee

If you need assistance with the monthly subscription fee, please complete this form and HoME+ staff will gladly help you.

Should you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following:

Email: home.plus@redcross.sg

Telephone: 6664 0699