The grey-haired man excitedly showed us the treasures he accumulated since his younger years, “I’ve kept almost every single record of my blood donation journey. Look! There’s even one donor card issued by the Singapore Red Cross!” Mr Yeo Khee Gee, 70, was a regular blood donor for almost three-quarters of his life. He was also a pioneer organiser of the Blood Drive at Braddell Heights Zone D Residents’ Committee and is currently volunteering actively there.

As he show us his personal archive at the Blood Donor Recruitment Programme office, we couldn’t help but asked him to share his story. “I made my first donation in 1967, and in 1972, I experienced a bad traffic accident which I had fortunately survived unscathed. I made a vow then to continue giving blood until I could give no more. I’ve kept this promise for 45 years, and finally reached 144 donations this year.”

At Braddell Heights Zone D RC’s blood drives, you will find Mr Yeo busy greeting residents and thanking donors; and he has been doing that for almost all of them! He had always wanted to give back to the society and being active in the RC activities was one way he could contribute. Thank you Mr Yeo, for your dedication to the National Blood Programme!