From Wallflower to Sunflower

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Siti Aisyah binte Abdul Rahman joined Red Cross Youth (RCY). From a shy girl, she blossomed into a confident, caring, compassionate, persevering and resilient team player.

At first glance, you would never guess that Siti Aisyah Abdul Rahman used to be shy.

The confident, outspoken and capable Head of Operations for Red Cross Youth (RCY) describes herself as being “a shy girl who lacked the confidence to speak up” and did “not open up to others” prior to joining RCY. 

However, this changed after she was assigned to lead RCY in the Disaster Risk Reduction Competition. Presenting to the judges in the final round compelled Siti to step out of her comfort zone and open up. She says that the experience and the support of her CCA mates helped her become more confident and more willing to participate in discussions.

However, the 16-year-old has had her fair share of struggles. When she was appointed unit leader in Secondary 3, she was uncertain about her ability to lead her juniors. But with the support of her friends in RCY, she has imparted her knowledge about disaster management and other topics to the younger cadets, who have complimented her lessons and leadership.

In addition to Siti’s achievements in RCY, she recently received five ‘A’ grades in her GCE ‘O’ Level exams. The talented student said she hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming an accountant and achieving greater success in the future.

Siti’s parents are overjoyed to witness her progress since joining the Red Cross Youth. Siti’s mother, Intan Adzurah Osman, said her daughter had previously been rather timid and reluctant to engage in conversation with others.

Intan’s own experience as a Red Cross Youth Cadet at Boon Keng Primary School in 1983 led her to encourage Siti to join RCY, believing it would help build her confidence. Now, Intan is proud to see that her daughter “has blossomed into a confident and helpful leader” even at home, using the first aid skills she learnt through RCY to help her brother when he sustained an injury.

Siti’s father, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, is also proud of his daughter. His life advice to Siti is to “keep on working hard and focus on what you want to achieve.”

With the support of her parents and her peers, Siti’s hard work has paid off. Siti is an exemplary role model who inspires others with her dedication and perseverance towards self-improvement and growth. 

When asked if she would encourage others to join RCY, Siti emphatically agreed, as she believes that “RCY has many meaningful activities” that can shape cadets into confident, caring, compassionate, perseverant and resilient team players, which will stand them in good stead in life.

By Gabrielle Wong, Intern
Copyedited by Shahirah Ansari, Volunteer


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