Grateful Hearts Day 2018

Start each day with a grateful heart.

Pass along your positive vibes to someone in need!

The Singapore Red Cross runs vital services that uplift and transform lives everyday.

From caring for persons with severe disability, to befriending visits to seniors who live alone.

From bringing patients to healthcare, to training community responders and lifesavers.

Our everyday work in Singapore help change lives. You can help us help MORE people!

If you too think today is a great day to be grateful, please join us at GRATEFUL HEARTS DAY!

Attitude of Gratitude

“Four years ago, our mother signed us up as tin bearers at the annual Singapore Red Cross Flag Day. She wanted us to learn that not everyone is as fortunate as us; that some people have special needs, or come from unstable financial backgrounds.She taught us to be polite to the people who donate, and to smile and be nice to those who don’t. We must be responsible for the donation tin and take good care of it. Now, we look forward to Flag Day every year. At first, we were scared about asking people for donations, but we have gained more confidence now.”

Amelia and Alastair Shee, with mummy and Red Cross volunteer Ang Lee Peng