World Red Cross Day Message 2018


Principals, Teachers

Red Cross Youth Officers, Red Cross Youth Members, Students

Today, we commemorate World Red Cross Day to mark the founding of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement internationally. It is also to honour the humanitarian aid workers, whose efforts bring hope to those in challenging circumstances. Their work reminds us that no matter how insignificant an action may seem – whether it is giving food to an underprivileged family, cultivating a friendship with an elderly person who lives alone or donating blood – our efforts could mean the world to someone in need.

Globally, 14 million Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers reach out to more than 270 million people each year through long–term services and development programmes, as well as disaster response and early recovery programmes.  Interestingly, half of these volunteers are youths!  With their exuberance and dynamism, Red Cross Youth can play a very important role in meeting today’s humanitarian needs and addressing tomorrow’s challenges. When members recognise their potential to lead change and overcome barriers, they begin their journey of development as humanitarian leaders who will be empowered to bring aid and assistance to others in the future.

The theme for World Red Cross Day this year calls upon members to ‘Make Waves a Step at a Time’.  Our Red Cross Youth are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones to experience greater growth. Some ways include learning a new skill or trying a new activity, like befriending someone who may be lonely. These little actions are important stepping stones to inspire change in ourselves and in our community. 

Everyone can play their part in contributing towards the community regardless of age. A great way to start is by being proactive in ensuring that our homes are safe. Little steps like wiping up spills immediately to keep the floors dry and removing bulky items to keep walkways uncluttered, can go a long way towards building a safe environment for our loved ones. The small steps we take in ensuring safety begins at home lead to big waves in creating the right mindset in our community that everyone has a crucial role to play in keeping Singapore safe and secure.

Our Red Cross Youth recently launched the Go Bag – a portable kit of essential supplies that have been curated to help families react promptly to unforeseen circumstances before help arrives. The deliberation over the items to include in the Go Bag reflects our members’ resourcefulness and proactiveness. It also exemplifies the Red Cross Youth motto that indeed, ‘Humanity is in Our Hands’.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all School Leaders, Teachers and Youth Officers for your continuous support and dedication. To all Red Cross Youth members, thank you for making a positive difference in our community. Your contributions are key to uplifting the vulnerable and strengthening community resilience, and for that, we are very proud of you.

Thank you and happy World Red Cross Day.