Lilly Felk

We catch up with our intern, Lilly Felk from Schweinfurt, Germany on what it's like to work at Singapore Red Cross during her break. She's 15 and a student at United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA).

Why did you choose to intern at the Singapore Red Cross?

I’ve been involved with several Global Concerns group with UWCSEA. I am passionate about helping to make the world a better place through humanitarian work. I wanted to get to know how an organisation like Singapore Red Cross works. I knew before that different Red Cross Red Crescent societies around the world focus on different areas of need in the countries, so I wanted to experience what the Singapore Red Cross does for the people in Singapore.

Describe your internship experience.

It was really nice! I’ve learnt many things about how the Singapore Red Cross sustains itself, and about the people they are working with and for. Working with the Global Concerns group made me realise that a lot of planning goes into making it possible for the organisation to help others. During my internship I had the opportunity to see the preparation work and administration on a larger scale.

Describe any specific projects that you worked on during your internship.

I helped out in the Thrift Shop and had the chance to follow my colleague on her rounds to collect donated items and bring them back to the Thrift Shop at Jalan Khairuddin for sorting. On Wednesday I shopped around the Thrift Shop in the office and bought many things at a really low price, for a good cause. My classmates back at the boarding school were really jealous. I really love thrift shops and flea markets, so it was nice to see how they work from behind-the-scenes.

I also came up with ideas to engage students around my age to fundraise for the organisation. As a student of UWCSEA we have a lot of opportunities to work with different organisations under the Global Concerns curriculum, so I shared some of my ideas with the team so that they could propose them to students and teachers in the future who may want to do something more regularly like myself.

How will your experience at the Singapore Red Cross influence your future personal and career plans?

Many of my friends in school chose to intern in hospitals, marketing firms, financial companies and even at a gym, but I chose the Fundraising department of the Singapore Red Cross because I think this is where the real planning takes place. I planned to work in a charity organisation in the future, my internship here has made me very sure that I really want to work together with an NGO. There is a Red Cross in my home city - I hope to work there.

What advice do you have for other students seeking an internship at SRC?

Everyone passionate about helping others should seek an internship with the Singapore Red Cross. During my time here in Singapore, I’ve seen and heard for myself how glamourous the country is - everybody knows about Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and the Zoo. But nobody really knows about those living among us who actually need help. I think students should join the organisation and help to create awareness about the difficult situations in the country so the organisation can raise funds for them.